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best wilson tennis racket
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8 Best Wilson Tennis Rackets for All Experience Levels

You rely on your racket more than any other bit of tennis equipment when you’re out there on the courts. Sure, your shoes need to be tied and your headband needs to be keeping your hair out of your eyes but your racket is the one doing most of the heavy lifting… or heavy swinging, you could say!…

Anyway, it’s because of this that it’s so important that you find a racket brand that you trust to continually provide you with the best selection of updated products that will help you play your game the way you want to.

There are a BUNCH of fantastic manufactures out there but today, we’re going to be focusing on a selection of rackets made by one of the biggest and best.

Oh, yes.

The big W.

Take a set and settle in as we take you on a ride through some of the best Wilson tennis rackets currently available.

Best Wilson Tennis Rackets

Wilson Pro Staff RF97 V13

best wilson tennis racket


Well, if we’re going to review Wilson rackets, why WOULDN’T we start with the one endorsed by arguably one of the greatest men’s players of all time?! We’d be foolish not to!

First things first, what a sleek design! Roger Federer himself has spoken in length about his desire to great something that had a timeless quality to it, a frame that wouldn’t look outdated in a few years. The all matte-black look is great and has the iconic RF signature on the inside of the throat to complete the classy overall appearance.

Wilson have created a racket here that embellishes all the history that the Pro Staff line have always valued. That pure ball striking feeling is provided by the 97 square inch head size, offering a good quality sweet spot that will let you know when you’ve timed your shots perfectly.

This is a bit of a beefcake, we must say! Landing on the scales at an impressive 357 grams when strung up and match ready, this racket should only be swung by players comfortable with that extra bit of weight. If you’re a player looking for that heavier feel behind your baseline rally swing, this will be ideal.

At an impressive 9 points headlight, the V13 packs a lot of its punch in the handle. This, in turn, will provide you with much greater stability when up on the net, punching away those volleys.

This racket has been put together for more experienced players. If you’re someone with a good few years of play under your belt already, this is definitely in contention for the title of the best Wilson tennis racket for advanced players!

Especially if you’re a Fed fan!


  • Classy Design
  • Stable and secure
  • Weighted for precision hitting
  • PeRFect for Federer fans


  • Not peRFect for beginners
  • Expensive

Wilson Clash 100

best wilson tennis racket


On a list of Wilson tennis racket reviews, we had to include the original Clash!

The Clash has been huge for Wilson ever since it launched a few years ago. It’s brought with it rave reviews and fanfare but we’re here to give you a breakdown on if it was all deserved or not…

To begin with, let’s start with the entire point of the Clash.

This racket was designed to appeal to a broad range of players. To do that, they wanted to make it immensely comfortable to play with and so they created flexible frame that bends on contact with a ball. This helps absorb shot vibrations and keeps your arms free of any aches and pains.

But if they were going to have a flexi-frame, they also needed to make sure that the racket was stable enough on volleys and attacking play. So the Clash also has both carbon mapping and something Wilson has called Stable Smart, both technologies that allow you to control the ball with ease while still retaining the cushiony comfort provided by the free-flex frame.

We should probably cover all the regular stuff here as well.

A 3 points head light racket, the Clash 100 has most of its weight in the handle, freeing up the frame for all of that fancy bendiness that we’ve just mentioned. A 100 square inch head size is fairly typical, as is the 298 gram lightweight design.

When brought together, the Clash 100 has done exactly what Wilson planned for it to do. It appeals to a wide variety of players and you could very easily make a case for this being the very best Wilson racket for intermediate players.

It’s also worth mentioning that this is a great option for any players that are prone to tennis elbow.


  • Flexible frame
  • Carbon mapping
  • Stable smart tech
  • Brilliant design


  • Expensive

Wilson Ultra 100 V3

best wilson tennis racket


Wilson truly do enjoy throwing the number 100 at racket names and hoping that it sticks…

This is an ice-cool-looking racket, with the blue, silver and black color scheme coming together to create a modern design that will have you feeling at your serious match ready best as you walk on court.

There’s been a lot of work done here to bring the Ultra line to the next level. To start with, there’s been an effort to make sure that this racket doesn’t move or twist around when hitting powerful returns. This stability has been achieved by a combination of what Wilson are calling Power Rib shaft construction and Parameter Weight systems.

If this sounds like racket jargon, we’re here to simplify it a bit. Basically, the weight has been distributed at specific areas around the uniquely shaped beam of the racket to enable it better handle powerful shots.

The sweet spot has also been widened to enable intermediate players to swing freely without fear of growing their unforced error count.

With a 295 gram string weight and a 100 square inch head size, this racket offers a chance for you to impart both pace and spin on the ball without worry about over-hitting beyond the baseline.

A focus on frame geometry allows this racket to provide a comfortable level of power and control. The Ultra V3 is a great option for players looking to find a competitive edge for their game without compromising on the crisp and clean hitting experience.


  • Great color scheme
  • Stable and comfortable frame
  • Bigger sweet spot
  • Good level of power


  • Not for beginners

Wilson Blade v7 104 Tennis Racquet

best wilson tennis racket


A list of the best Wilson tennis rackets wouldn’t be complete without a racket from the Blade line.

The Blade line of rackets has worked wonders for Wilson and will likely continue to do so for many years to come as they update it further. Used by multiple professionals, let’s have a look at one of the more popular models of the Blade to see why it works so well.

We should start with the color here. Wilson have strived to make the green, black and gray pattern an iconic Blade line combination and it’s helped them put this selection of rackets on the map. The instantly recognizable design makes this stand out amongst the opposition.

Similar to the Ultra, the Blade v7 has a flexible frame designed to consistently absorb the pace of the ball and offset excess vibrations away from your arm as you swing through the shot. There’s also parallel drilling around the head of the racket as well to help the strings deal with a higher pace on impact with the ball. Returns of serve will rocket off the strings of this racket.

The combination of graphite and carbon fiber allows for a level of stability while remaining durable over time. Blades have always offered up a classic and pure ball-striking feel and the v7 104 is no different. You’ll be able to settle into baseline exchanges quickly with this racket.

With a slightly lengthier frame and sitting at an impressive 6 points head light, this racket provides a stable base for intermediate and doubles players looking to transfer more of their power through their swings.

Wilson have got a racket here that offers up a combination of lightweight power that should suit players looking for a bit more feel when hitting through their shots. This is easily up there with one of the best Wilson rackets.


  • Iconic blade design
  • Flexible frame
  • Lightweight and durable
  • Stable power


  • Lacks control at times

Wilson Ultra Comp

best wilson tennis racket


This racket takes the core elements of classic Ultra designs and brings them together into a frame that is ultimately that bit more forgiving and accessible.

The black and blue glossy color choice looks fantastic and gives the entire racket that modern feel to it that will help you to feel at your best when you take it out on the court for the first time.

Featuring a 104 square inch head design to help grow the sweet spot on the strings, the Comp aims to allow you to quickly be able to find your footing with the power that it offers you. You’ll find yourself settling into a rhythm quickly and before long, you’ll be striking away freely from the baseline without worrying about mistiming your shots.

Similar to other designs on this list, Wilson has produced a forgiving frame that still offers maximum power. The Crush Zone grommets placed around the throat of the racket compress together on impact to accelerate the ball back at your opponent with pace.

With a 16/20 string pattern, the Ultra focuses on providing easy power over more modern topspin heavy designs. If you’d like to learn a bit more about string patterns, I’d recommend reading our full guide here.

The head heavy nature of the frame provides you with more air time on your shots which will help you cut out those niggly unforced errors.

This is CHEAP! The Ultra is clearly a budget offering that has all the hallmarks of a great intermediate racket. Comfortable power and shot depth are offered up and if those are areas of the game that you’re looking to improve on, this could be the racket for you!


  • Glossy modern design
  • Big sweet sport
  • Flexible frame
  • Easy power
  • Affordable


  • Not great for you top spin fans out there

Wilson K Zero

best wilson tennis racket


OK, keep with us on this design. We know it looks a bit scary but we promise, it could be just what you’ve been looking for!

The black, white and grey color scheme immediately sets the tone for a serious racket and Wilson have been sure to market this towardsbeginners looking to play a bit more competitively in the near future.

This is actually the lightest racket in the K Factor line, weighing in at only 258 grams when strung so you best be keeping a good hold of the handle on or it might simply float away on a windy day! No, but seriously, the lightweight element of this racket will help beginners to swing away without concern.

Let’s talk about that tapered head shape and angled 16/19 string pattern. Both of these have been incorporated into the design of the racket to help with maneuverable stability when up at the net and when returning serve.

The head itself is BIG, measuring an impressive 118 square inches. This has obviously been done to ensure ease of use for players picking up a racket for the first time. The K Zero is also head heavy, meaning that it will still pack a decent shot punch despite how lightweight it is.

The K Zero will appeal broadly to beginners. Offering up easy levels of consistent power alongside a unique overall look, it’s an option that should at least be on your radar if you’re looking to pick up your very first tennis racket.

…also, it’s cheap so you may as well try it at least!


  • Unique look
  • Tapered frame design
  • Lightweight
  • Easy power
  • Affordable


  • Not a huge level of feel
  • Not for tournament play

Wilson Tour Slam

best wilson tennis racket


Right, for our last racket on the list, we’re taking things back to basics.

The Tour Slam is made from lightweight alloy to provide the much needed durability that rackets for beginners often need. This will help you attain that necessary level of power you’re looking for when you’re just starting on your tennis playing journey.

In addition to this, the V-Matrix tech frame design offers up a large sweet spot for maximum impact on your shots. You’ll also find your rhythm on power swings much quicker with this racket due to the shock absorbing pads located in key positions around the throat. You won’t be bothered by excess shot vibrations in lengthy rallies.

As the name would suggest, this is a lightweight design. Tipping the scales at only 275 grams when strung for play, the Tour Slam is an accessible first-time racket for someone curious about trying out the sport for the first time. They certainly won’t be anchored the spot by this racket.

A larger head size is a typical inclusion here and does its job well, opening up that sweet spot even further to help you find that ball-striking consistency.

The technical elements of this racket pale into the background when you look at how simple it is to pick up and swing with. That’s really what makes this a valuable pick-up if you’re looking to get the best Wilson tennis racket for a beginner!


  • Lightweight durability
  • Big sweet spot
  • Shock absorbing
  • Easy to use
  • Affordable


  • Lack in areas for advanced players

How to Choose a Racket


OK, we’re not suggesting that you toss every racket you’re considering buying on the scales to weigh them.

What we ARE suggesting is that you try and get some practice swings in to see what sort of weight works best for you personally.

Heavier rackets will provide you with more power and pace behind your swings as you accelerate through your shots.

Lighter rackets will offer you a greater feel on the ball, resulting in easier placement of your shots around the court.

We here at Mind the Racket recommend that you find a nice middle ground somewhere between these two.


Rackets regularly fall into one of two categories when it comes to their balance.

A head light racket will have most of the weight in the handle, allowing you to maneuver it around quickly and have a greater sense of control.

Head heavy rackets will have most of the weight around the – yes, you guessed it – the head. This results in more power and swing momentum as you hit through the ball.

Try and find what’s going to be best suited to your game before investing in a frame… Hey, that rhymes!

Head Light Balanced Head Heavy
Weight Focus
Evenly Distributed

Grip Size

Playing with a grip size that doesn’t fit your hands is something that no player wants to experience and can result in painful blisters and hand cramps.

Let’s help you avoid that.

How to Work Out Your Grip Size

There’s two methods to do this, one that requires you to have the racket with you and one that doesn’t.

Racket method: Hold the racket by the handle in your dominant hand with a relaxed Eastern grip. Taking the index finger of your other hand, place it between the ring finger and palm of the hand that’s holding the racket.

If there’s hardly any room to do so, the grip is too big and you should toss the racket in the trash.

If there’s too much room on either side of your finger, the handle is too big and you should throw the racket out the window.

If it fits perfectly, fantastic, you’ve found your racket and you can throw away your money… at the checkout… to buy the racket!

Non-racket method: Placing your hand flat on a table, get a ruler or a tape measurer and find the distance between the top of your ring finger and the very bottom of your palm.

Keep in mind that racket grip sizes are usually measured in 1/8 of an inch so you’ll have to go for the closest grip size based on your personal measurement.

ALSO! If you can’t find a grip that matches you perfectly, always go for a smaller one and add on a few overgrips to round it up to your size.

how to measure tennis racket grip size


Many of the rackets we’ve covered today have frames that are built to be flexible and bend on impact with the ball.

This is done with an element of comfort for you in mind as it helps to offset vibrations away from your arm, helping you avoid elbow joint injury in the long run.

Frames that don’t bend as much offer more power behind the swing but you’ll be able to feel that impact that bit more the longer you play.

Head Size

Larger racket head sizes are generally more preferable for players who are just starting out in the game and need that bigger frame for that slightly larger sweet spot in the center of the strings. This offers more of a margin for error in lengthier rallies.

Smaller head sizes are better for more experienced players, as they will usually be looking for that bit of extra precision placement that comes with a slightly tighter frame. If you’re looking for slightly more accuracy, a smaller head size should be on your radar.

Size Inches Power Control Sweet Spot

String Pattern

Modern rackets usually offer one of two string patterns, both of which have benefits.

A 16/19 string pattern will provide you with the ability to impart more spin on the ball but as a result, will wear out more quickly.

The 18/20 string pattern is tighter and will last that bit longer while offering you slightly more tension to propel your shots with.

Who are Wilson?

An American sporting manufacturer based in Chicago, Illinois, the success of Wilson within tennis circles is almost mindboggling. Having been around for over 108 years, it now sits atop the racket manufacturing scene with some of the very best professional players under contract.

The iconic red W logo makes Wilson one of the most recognizable brands around.

If in doubt, you can rest assured that Wilson is easily one of the best tennis racket brands out there.

What do the Pro Players Use?

Roger Federer: Ah, the big man. Arguably the most well-known tennis player ever, the 20 time grand slam champion has been with Wilson for his entire career and he shows no signs of changing anytime soon.

Wilson and Federer almost go hand in hand at this point, with the great Swiss currently rocking the Pro Staff 97 that we’ve reviewed up the page for you. A classy racket for a classy player.

Serena Williams: Ah, the GOAT. The 23 time grand slam winner has ALSO been with Wilson for the vast majority of her career and has used them to craft one of the greatest careers of any athlete ever.

Williams has used a Blade model for years now but has very recently had her own model especially made for her, given the magnitude of her successes. The Wilson Blade SW 104 is what she currently uses but it has many similarities to the majority of the Blade line.

Final Thoughts

And. There. We. Are!

We hope you’ve enjoyed joining us on this trip down the best Wilson tennis rackets lane. With any luck, you’ve been able to see a racket that has at the very least intrigued you enough to have a closer look.

We recommend Wilson for the high quality products they’ve continually produced over the years and we see them developing technology for tennis for a good long while yet. They’re a trustworthy manufacturer who can be relied on.

With that, we’ll bow out and allow you to take your time selecting your new Wilson wand. See you out there on the courts!

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