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Best Tennis Overgrips

There’s no denying that applying an overgrip to your tennis racket can provide you with an array of benefits. 

But, with so many to choose from, and a variety of different styles and preferences, which one should you choose?

Fortunately, that’s where we come in. We’ve put together a list of the 10 best tennis overgrips. Whether you like your grips super tacky, or like me, need something with a bit of extra absorption, this list has you covered.

Let’s get to it.

What is a Tennis Overgrip?

For those who are a bit unsure what an overgrip is, it’s basically a stretchy long material that’s often used by players to absorb sweat, increase traction, and protect the hands from developing calluses or blisters.

Don’t confuse an overgrip for a replacement or undergrip. The latter is the original, or base layer grip that is applied directly to the racket. An overgrip is then placed over this and is the material your hand touches when holding your racket. 

Why Use an Overgrip on Your Racket?


People often think that tennis is an easy game, but it’s not. Anyone who’s had the opportunity to step on a court will attest to the fact that it’s a high-intensity game. To win a match, you have to perform at your level best. And that’s not going to be possible if you don’t feel comfortable holding your racket.

An overgrip helps to create that comfort. And that’s the main reason why so many pro players use it in almost every contest. The material used during construction is what makes it soft, and thus makes it possible for a player to hold a racket for an extended period of time. 

Sweat Absorption

It would be ridiculous to add an extra layer onto the handle knowing very well that that material can’t absorb sweat or help you manage slippage if you’ve got sweaty hands. A high quality overgrip will absorb a lot of that moisture, giving you that dry feeling that makes it easier to control the racket.

Better Grip

Do you think an accessory would be called an overgrip, if it doesn’t give you a better grip? We’re not saying all overgrips deliver the same level of grip, but we can all agree they all guarantee some level of it. And subsequently, ensuring you get a firm grip and more control. 

Change the Grip Size

If you’ve accidentally bought a racket with the wrong grip size, you can add an overgrip to help the racket fit more naturally in your hand. 

Best Tennis Overgrips

Now that’s all out of the way, let’s crack on with our list and look at 10 of the top tennis overgrips you can find out there today.

1. Tourna Grip Original – Best Overgrip for Sweaty Hands

One of the most iconic options on our list, the Tourna Grip Original is undoubtedly one of the best tennis overgrips for sweaty hands. 

If you go through any list of the most popular overgrips in the industry, you’ll never miss this one. It’s also one of the most recognized overgrips, as it delivers more than what your typical overgrip does.

Something else that makes it stand out in the bunch, is how friendly it actually is to new users. Other grips focus so much on how to serve elite athletes and intermediate players that they forget newbies too want to get a piece of the action. That’s not cool, and the Tourna Grip Original agrees with us.

So this is how the grip works: when you start playing, or during your warm-up, it will feel weirdly dry. Like someone forgot it in a desert somewhere, and went back for it once they remembered where they left it.

But then it comes alive when you start sweating. The more sweat it absorbs the more tacky it feels. And that effect will make it even more secure and stronger. Hence, making it possible for you to play for longer periods.

You can find the Tourna Grip Original in a couple of sizes, with the XL being designed for rackets with a larger grip length, which you can check out here.

The technology used on the Grip Original ensures all your sweat stays inside the grip. Consequently, it won’t be slippery over extended periods of time.



2. Tourna Mega Tac – Best Tacky Over Grip

best tennis overgrip

You’ll realize even though all these grips essentially serve the same purpose, each one of them has a department that outperforms the other iterations. For instance, for the Tourna Mega Tac, it’s all about tackiness. It has to be the tackiest overgrip ever produced, as it can deliver exceptional results in the coldest of conditions.

Unlike other grips, this one has been coated using polyurethane. This means that the ultra tacky surface that you’re holding will feel like super glue stuck to your hand. And no, it won’t wear off fast the more you sweat. This is a promise made to us by the brand, when it confirmed its level of tackiness lasts more than 12 hours.

Applying the grip on the racket is also a walk in the park. Very straightforward.

We like the fact that the Tourna Mega Tac stretches really nicely. So many times we’ve had to deal with overgrips that pucker while transitioning to the grip from the butt cap, and to be honest, it’s just annoying. There was also no narrowing of any kind and Tourna wasn’t selfish with the length.

There’s no way you’ll be disappointed by this overgrip’s performance when you’re on the court. It compliments any style of play, and can handle any amount of sweat.



3. Head Super Comp Overgrip - Best Value

best tennis overgrip

There are two primary reasons as to why we normally find ourselves investing in overgrips. One, we want to increase the size of our racket’s grip, and two, we’re trying to get rid of that uncomfortable feeling that players experience once their hands get all sweat on the court.

The Head Super Comp Overgrip is one of the best solutions should you find yourself in one of those two situations. It guarantees high level comfort, and significantly contributes to the overall performance of the racket.

There’s no denying that Head is one of the top brands in tennis. The kind of products that they produce is top-notch quality, and you’re also guaranteed value for money. Just in case we weren’t clear from the beginning, the Head Super Comp Overgrip is no exception.

By now we’re so sure we sound like a broken record, but we’re just going to say it nonetheless; the Head Super Comp Overgrip also has the ability to absorb most of your sweat, and enable you comfortably hold your racket throughout the match.

What about its installment? Quite easy. To create the ideal overgrip, all you’ve got to do is wrap it around the racket’s handle. If you’re not sure how, just ask for help from a friend, coach, or the store assistant. It will only take a second.

We don’t know how it was made possible, but even if you’ve been swinging your racket for hours, and feeling exhausted,  you’ll still experience that improved level of control. 

Not even your sweaty hands will be able to take that away from you. 



4. Wilson Pro Tennis Overgrip

best tennis overgrip

The thing that makes the Wilson Pro the best overgrips for tennis rackets is the fact that it always registers top performance no matter what environment you find yourself in. You could use it when you’re just starting out, and still need it when you’re going pro.

Wilson for sure bagged that medal with this product. There’s no denying that. As a player, you’ll appreciate how much this accessory strives to improve your play, by delivering a sense of security and comfort that eventually builds up your confidence on the court.

The sweat-absorbing technology is not your everyday technology, by the way. It’s one of the best and the primary features of the Wilson Pro Tennis Overgrip. 

You know how intense this sport can be, right? And you’ve seen how sweaty hands make players lose matches?

Well, that’s an issue that you’ll never have to worry about if you get yourself this accessory. Calluses and blisters will also be a thing of the past. The Wilson Pro Tennis Overgrip has been constructed using blister preventing materials, to give you that extra support that you need to deliver those winning shots.

Tennis players often use different rackets. We know that, and so do you. So, it’s only natural for one to be concerned about an overgrip’s suitability in relation to a particular racket. Will it perfectly fit that long handle? 

But you don’t have to worry about all that because the Wilson Pro Tennis Overgrip is perfectly designed to fit nearly all rackets.

Anyway, we’ll finish off this review by talking about its color. The Wilson Pro’s color is like a double-edged sword in the sense that it helps drive up the sales, but also makes players not want to invest in the accessory.

The thing is, players find it aesthetically pleasing while it’s still new. And that’s why so many people find themselves buying it. But after using it for a while, the dirt lessens its appearance, and you wouldn’t want to show up to court with it wrapped around your racket. That said, overgrips are pretty cheap, so can always be replaced easily. 



5. Yonex Super Grap Overgrip

best tennis overgrip

Yonex has proven to their critics that they’re here to stay, and fight for that number one spot of the best tennis brand on the planet. And we applaud that.

They’ve given us the Yonex Super Grap Overgrip, a fine racket accessory that’s designed to offer any player that comfortable and firm grip on the court. What’s up with the grip, you ask? It’s tasked with perspiration and vibration absorption, a common problem that usually distracts players trying to get that ace.

The Super Grab is not just one of the best overgrips that the market has to offer, but also one of the most popular. If you ask us, we think credit should go to its high absorbency and comfort. It really does have a way of making a lot of other overgrips look like a child’s play.

Durability is also another factor that will make you fall in love with the Yonex Super Grap Overgrip. That grip will stay in place, and only need replacing when you feel like it’s already served its purpose. So you’ll be the one deciding when to replace it, and not the wear showing on the grip.

It’s different range of colors is also a bonus (available in both black and white). This should make finding a grip to go with your racket and style a bit easier, considering both black and white go with most other colors. 



6. GAMMA Supreme Overgrip

best tennis overgrip

The Gamma Supreme Overgrip performs exceptionally well on the court and is extremely durable. This is due to the fact that it’s manufactured using a highly durable material.

Something else that you’ll appreciate is the fact that the GAMMA Supreme Overgrip comes in more than one pack size. You can purchase the 3-pack, 15-pack, or 30-pack option.

When it comes to absorbency and tackiness, it’s not easy to beat the GAMMA Supreme Overgrip. It absorbs sweat to perfection and has a length that’s longer than most racket handles. Simply put, it fits all rackets on the market—every one of them.

It’s cushioning is also important, as it enhances stability in addition to providing comfort. Unfortunately, they usually underperform under humid conditions. You can only get the most out of them if you’re playing in cold weather.



7. Tourna Tac Overgrip

best tennis overgrip

Yet another one of the best overgrips for tennis racquets, which is a very popular choice among elite athletes. The Tourna Tac Overgrip is the go-to gear for players who cannot control how much they sweat under hot conditions. 

If you compare it to some of the tacky grips that we have, you’ll notice it absorbs sweat way faster than most of them. Hence, improving the overall feel and ability to maintain a solid grip on the grip itself. The package comes with 10 grips and 10 strips of finishing tape. So if you’re frugal with your spending, you’ll see how this is a great steal.

It’s also manufactured using the same base layers used in the Tourna Grip, so should you decide to switch to this iteration, you won’t’ be missing much.

Typically with other models, you either get the tacky feel or superior sweat absorption. But not with this one. Thanks to the Tourna Tac overgrip, you’re able to find a happy middle ground between the two extremes. 

It’s probably worth mentioning that this high performance accessory is not just useful to tennis players. You can still use it as a golf grip, on the fishing poles, dumbbells, squash rackets, pickleball paddles, racquetball rackets, bike handlebars, baseball bats, while rowing, on ping-pong paddles, and the list goes on.

So what do you think? Are you ready to try out this non-slip effect grips? We guarantee you’ll be able to improve your accuracy and improvement on the court.  



8. Dunlop Viper Dry Overgrip

best tennis overgrip

Just from the name alone, you can tell this overgrip means business when it all boils down to absorbency. The Dunlop Viper Dry Overgrip will remind you what a perfect grip is. 

As you can see from the image above, Dunlop has textured the outer layer of the grip itself. This texture helps to create more traction between the grip and your hand, providing a bit more comfort and feel to your shots.  

You’ll find the Viper Dry in both black and white options, and available in a pack of 12. This is great if you like to keep your overgrip looking fresh, and are likely to replace it frequently.



9. Babolat VS Original Overgrip

best tennis overgrip

Babolat will never compromise quality over anything. They’ve always stood by that, so we don’t think now’s the time when they’re going to start releasing products that don’t rise up to the occasion. 

Ask any player who’s ever used the Babolat VS Original Overgrip, and they’ll tell you it’s probably the most comfortable grip out there. And we still feel like that’s an understatement, for some reason.

It’s unique ability to easily create a dry surface while absorbing sweat in the player’s hands is made possible by its polyurethane construction. So you can go out there, play for hours, and still feel like you can comfortably and firmly hold the racket for days.

The adhesive tapered end will ensure the grip doesn’t slip from the neck of your racket while it’s stretchable surface will properly cover all areas of the handle that are exposed.

The general rule of thumb is, the thicker the material, the more absorption it provides. But being the rebel that they are, Babolat was hell-bent on proving to the world that thinner materials can also absorb more sweat. 

Unfortunately, durability is the one thing that takes the wind out of its sails. In comparison to other overgrips on the market, the Babolat VS Original Overgrip falls short in that department. The quality deteriorates over time and the grip wears out easily.



10. Tecnifibre ATP Pro player’s Overgrip

Technifibre has been giving us some of the best tennis overgrips and squash equipment since 1979, so that’s a long time to not respect a brand. The market might be flooded with Wilson, Head, and Babolat products, but we all know Tecnifiber has never missed on any list of the best tennis accessories. Look at the Tecnifibre ATP Pro Players Over grip for example. 

With the help of the HydroCell Bond Technology, it has the ability to nullify any humidity faster than the traditional overgrip, and ensure your hands stay dry by absorbing all the sweat or water.

The overgrip itself is extremely comfortable to hold, absorbs a ton of moisture and looks as good as it feels. You can pick up a pack of 12 of these grips for a very reasonable price, especially considering the pedigree of both the brand and the grip itself.

The only downside, as I’ve mentioned a few times with similar grips is the color. White tends to tarnish faster than other colors, making it look dirty. That said, this shouldn’t be too much of an issue considering they come in a pack of 12 and are incredibly easy to replace.



best tennis racket overgrip

How to Choose an Overgrip for Your Tennis Racket

Knowing which overgrips will offer you what you really want is step one. Step two entails learning about the factors to take into account while investing in an overgrip. So before you decide what best suits you, think about the following:

Sweat Absorption

What’s the weather condition like in your area? Is it hot and dry, or cold? If it’s mostly cold, and you don’t have sweaty hands, there’s no need to purchase an absorbent overgrip. But if you’re always playing under humid conditions, or if you happen to have sweaty hands, those overgrips are a must-have.

Playing tennis is fun. Struggling while playing is not fun. Therefore, you need to use a better overgrip to ensure you’re not just having fun but also winning the game. An overgrip that will prevent slip offs, and allow you to strike the ball at full power.

When it comes down to absorption, quality is defined by how much moisture the overgrip can suck up, or how dry your hands feel after playing for an extended period of time.


Ever held a racket before? Then you know tennis is a jarring sport. You’ll be definitely feeling a lot of those vibrations if you’re playing with a racket that has a poor quality overgrip or lacks that dampening technology.

Some players love that feeling because it makes them feel alive, but if you’re nursing tennis elbow, it’s not good for you.

You’ll need something that will cushion that handle, and absorb all the shock and vibrations upon impact. Something like an overgrip, for example. And not just any other overgrip, but a thick one.


Is comfort a prime concern? Definitely. You should look at the material used during the construction process because you don’t want to invest in an overgrip that won’t help you eliminate the pain after playing for hours.

An incredible overgrip material will be soft and often textured. This textured material will provide a bit more traction and friction between your hand and the racket. This is great if you’re finding yourself holding the racket too tightly, as it will help to loosen your grip, allowing for your shots to be more fluid and less rigid. 

Tack/ Sticky Feeling

Tackiness basically refers to how sticky the overgrip feels in your hands. If you take another look at the different overgrips that we’ve listed above, you’ll realize you can generally categorize them as either tacky or absorbent. 

The tacky overgrips will guarantee you register the best performance in the grip’s control department. 

Some overgrips will have tackiness that can last for more than 12 hours while others won’t even be able to clock 4 hours. So it’s good to acquaint yourself with how tacky an overgrip is before making a purchase.


Durability is also another concern that you ought to take very seriously. We’ve only listed overgrips that have remarkable durability, but some of them have relatively low ratings. If you want value for money, purchase an overgrip that won’t wear out after a game or two.

Color/ Design

Going for light-colored or white tennis overgrips is a double-edged sword. On one hand, they look great, but on the other, they tend to look dirty fairly quickly. 

It really comes down to personal preference here, but it’s definitely something to be aware of. 

How to Put on a Tennis Overgrip

There’s no way your overgrip will be able to give you an optimum performance if it’s not properly wrapped. We know some wrapping guidelines are so complicated, so we thought we should help you out by simplifying everything:

  • Step One: If you were using an overgrip before, remove it. Placing a new grip on top of the old one is a mistake of Shakespearean magnitude. Once you’ve done that, start cleaning that area. You could use water and anything else that you think will help you.Then let it dry.
  • Step Two: With the racket held in one hand in an upright position, use the other hand to install the grip. Your hands should not be sweaty or wet. If they are, go dry them off before you start.
  • Step Three: When installing your overgrip, you should move from the bottom to the top. The top in this case means towards the shaft/throat section. Also, you’ve got to overlap the overgrip. The overlaps should be ⅙ inches in sizes and even.
  • Step Four: Once you get to the throat, cut off the excess, and use the tape to wrap it.

To Sum It Up!

Can you enjoy the game without an overgrip? Yes. But will you enjoy it to the fullest. Probably not. So an overgrip is an essential racket accessory to have. We do hope this review will give you an idea of what to expect from the best tennis overgrips in the market. 

Now, go get that grip fixed, and then remind your opponents what you’re made of. 

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