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14 Best Tennis Bags & Backpacks: Reviews & Buyers Guide

So you have all your tennis equipment ready to go.

You’ve spent time re-stringing your rackets, re-lacing your shoes and re-washing you tennis shirts, just in case they still have that fresh out the packet musk to them.

You feel like you’re ready now, to take the courts to take on all-comers. Even Roger Federer himself will be cowering in fear as you strut on with your brand new array of high-tech tennis equipment.

Nothing can stop you!


You go to try and gather everything together. Your water bottle, rackets, banana, chocolate bar for when the banana goes moldy, spare change of clothes and your lucky toy teddy bear…

There’s no way you can carry all this to the courts!

You now have to spend a solid ten minutes tearing out all your work/school stuff from your rucksack and toss all your shiny new tennis gear into it. It’s not quite going to the majestic-looking entrance to the courts you’d first envisaged…

Let’s help you avoid this situation happening again.

Let’s try and find you the very best tennis bags so that the next time you’re aiming to make an intimidating first impression on your opponent, you’ll be better prepared!

Best Tennis Bags & Backpacks (1-3 Rackets)

Name Capacity Price Check Price
Babolat Pure Strike Backpack
Babolat Essential Backpack​
Tecnifibre Tour Endurance
Athletico Racquet Bag
Babolat Pure Racket Bag

1. Babolat Pure Strike Backpack – Best Tennis Backpack

best tennis backpack

Capacity: 3 rackets

Let’s start with a nice modern-looking design from Babolat.

This bag is designed to hold three of your tennis rackets safely and securely, which is great for a bag that resembles a regular school backpack. Backpacks are notorious for coming unzipped as you’re running with heavy items hanging out the top so it’s great to see Babolat counter that with a specific compartment for your rackets.

There’s also an additional two compartments within the confines of this bag so that your grapes and cereal bars won’t be getting crushed by the weight of your rackets clattering against one another. Spare clothes can be kept separately as well, meaning there won’t be any food stains on your brand new tennis shirt if you need to switch out the one you’ve been wearing on court for hours.

The shoulder pads are soft and comfortable, perfect for long bike-ride or walks to the court. You won’t be feeling the pain from carrying this around when you go to hit that first serve of the day.

Backpacks get smelly easily, especially if they’re carrying sweaty clothes. This bag has ventilation gaps throughout so as to direct airflow to the areas that most need it. This will help you avoid the regular stink-out as you unzip the bag when you get home from practice later on.

In closing, this is easily up there as the best tennis backpack around and should suit almost all club level players looking for an easy way to transfer a few of their rackets to the courts. It also comes in at a decent price for a brand as well-known as Babolat!



2. Babolat Essentials Backpack

best tennis backpack

Capacity: 2 rackets

Coming in three different colors that vary in pattern, this is another great offering from Babolat. There’s a black, blue, pink and yellow offering here but you should take time inspecting the designs of each before picking one, as they are all rather unique.

This will hold two of your rackets securely and without worry, as there’s also a covering attached that can go over the handles of them to stop any wobbling or bouncing around. It also means that if it’s raining on your walk to or from the courts, you won’t need to worry about any grip dampness!

There’s two other compartments here as well, one large zippered one that also comes with a collapsible pocket on the inside. A tube of tennis balls or a water bottle can be held in place securely with this. The other smaller front facing compartment is perfect for a mobile phones, wallets or other valuables that you’d rather didn’t tumble out of your shorts pocket on your cycle to the courts.

The padded and adjustable straps can be personally fitted to suit your shoulders so you won’t find this bumping around your shins as it hangs on your back. The quick-grab handle on the top rounds out the look of this bag and presents an alternative way of carrying this on short trips.

Babolat have been smart with this, styling the designs to suit the paint jobs of some of their main line of rackets. If you have a Babolat racket already, make sure to check what color scheme is going to work the best.

This is probably the best tennis backpack because it comes with a decent amount of overall storage and several additional compartments to make use of. Well worth your consideration if these are things that you’re looking for in a tennis bag.



3. Tecnifibre Tour Endurance RS Backpack Bag

best tennis backpack

Capacity: 2 rackets

Tecnifibre have steadily been making a name for themselves by manufacturing tennis rackets and and now they’ve entered the market for backpack designs as well.

Let’s address the elephant in the room though, Tecnifibre… Where are the colors?!… With that out of the way, the design of this is decent enough, with a big red and blue Tecnifbre logo printed on the front, just in case you forget which brand you’ve bought from.

This will carry two of your finest tennis rackets with ease and offers additional storage in the form of front accessory pocket, side accessory pocket and even bottom shoe compartments. This last one is a great little addition, especially if you regularly play on clay or astroturf tennis courts, where debris will likely be falling from your shoes for a while after you finish playing. 

With adjustable padded straps and two additional grab handles at the top, you’ll have no trouble carrying this to and from your local courts. 

This backpack does look different from more typical tennis bags, primarily because it’s made out of lightly shiny tarpaulin material. Tecnifibre claims they’ve done this to increase durability by 50% over typical polyester products!

Tecnifibre is always on the lookout to make slightly different designs from the blueprint and this backpack is no different. However, it still covers all bases that you’ll be needing and the addition of that shoe storage compartment is GENIUS and will save messy cleanouts of the inside of the main pockets every few days.



4. Athletico 3 Racquet Tennis Bag

Capacity: 3 rackets

Time to depart from backpack designs for now and turn towards a tennis racket bag that looks like an actual tennis racket bag! An unbelievable concept!

Coming in three different colors of pink, black and red, this Athletico offering is shaped exactly like a tennis racket so there’ll be no doubt in anyone’s mind where you’re going when they see you carrying this around.

Designed to carry three rackets, this bag actually comes with a surprising amount of additional storage. An outside pocket will hold tennis balls, a water bottle, and any other larger items, such as food. There’s also a smaller felt lined compartment, added in so that you can put your valuables in a safe place as you play.

Athletico have also taken the time to make sure that you have two different ways to hold this so you can find what works best for you personally. A singular padded and adjustable shoulder strap offers the classic cross chest way of carrying. An alternative is provided by way of a tote handle that will allow you to carry down at your side if that’s preferable.

There’s a focus here on cheap affordability while also making sure to keep the price down to market this as a budget product. Made from 100% polyester fabric, this bag is built to last. You won’t need to be concerned that your phone is going to slip out a worn hole anytime soon.

This is a fantastic option that comes with an appealing price tag that won’t have you crying as you hand over your bank card to pay. It’ll suit most levels of player but will be particularly good as someone’s first racket bag.



5. Babolat Pure 3 Tennis Racket Bag

Capacity: 3 rackets

This is a sleek professional looking bag design here from Babolat, the third of their products that have made an entrance onto our list here. They know what they’re doing!

The central compartment will hold up to three of your rackets and the selection of further storage areas around the bag will have you easily fit all of your equipment in without worry of damage. Four accessory pockets – two on each side – will help you split up your belongings so that your banana won’t be squishing up against your phone… We’ve all been there!

The great thing about the outside of the pockets on this is the hard shell casing that’s used to help defend against any falls or tumbles. We here at Mind the Racket are a clumsy bunch and often go tripping over our own feet. If that sounds like you as well, this is bag is for you.

Sadly, there are no colors on offer here for some reason! Not even a yellow and black classic Babolat color one?! Disappointing…

Aside from that though, there’s an easy over the shoulder padded strap to make traveling with this on your back easy enough. If that’s not your style, there’s also a quick-grab handle for holding this by your side if you’re in a rush to get to practice.

In short, this is a bag to be used by a more serious and regular player to enable them to take a selection of their best rackets with them, while also offering their other equipment a good level of overall protection.



Tennis Racket Bags Up to 6 Capacity

Name Capacity Price Check Price
Tecnifibre Tour Endurance RS Rackpack​
Babolat Pure Drive 6-Pack​
Wilson Super Tour Tennis Racket Bag​
Wilson Federer Bag​
HEAD Tour Team Combi

1. Tecnifibre Tour Endurance RS Rackpack

best tennis bag

Capacity: 5 rackets

We’re a sucker for a pun here at Mind the Racket and for that reason alone, we are in love with the name of this. Rackpack. Racket. Backpack. Absolutely genius.

Tecnifibre makes a return to our list with a design that somewhat resembles their regular rucksack that we’ve reviewed up above but with a different overall look and feel. The colors are at least the same, with the big blue and red company logo on the front and sides. The black and white scheme is here as well.

That’s where the similarities start to fade though, with the actual bag part of this resembling a rectangular carry case.

The tarpaulin durable material is here as well, with Tecnifibre once again opting for an alternative to more standard backpack polyester. The benefits of this are predominantly on show when it comes to the waterproof nature of the bag istelf. Rain won’t be damaging this in any way.

This rackpack is large and it needs to be in order to carry up to six tennis rackets. When you get to cases like this though, you need to know how you’re supposed to carry all of that weight! Well, the designers have got you covered, with regular grab handles on either side, over the shoulder straps, and even a chest strap so that the entire unit will sit easily against your back no matter the terrain.

Within the confines of the main compartment, there’s five different sub-compartment for all of your equipment to be sorted. That’s a lot of space. Add to that the shoe compartment which can hold a total of two pairs of your sweatiest best sneakers, you’re not going to need to leave anything behind with this.

In all honesty, this looks a bit like a camping bag and it’s built to survive an expedition. It can double up as a regular duffle bag as well if you need it to. A hugely versatile product that is built to survive extensive travel.



2. Babolat Pure Drive 6-Pack

best tennis bag

Capacity: 6

When you get to tennis bags that have two compartments specifically to house your rackets, you know you’re getting serious.

The bag itself looks great, with light and navy blue color combinations coming together to create a really modern design. The only real downside of is – and you’ve probably already guessed it – the severe lack of any other colors! A red version of this would look amazing!

There’s a good few pockets here for all of your sporting needs. One of the racket side compartments actually has isothermal protection, just in case you ever accidentally leave your bag inside a fridge freezer!…

No, but seriously, the array of different compartments is great, with a large side accessory pocket allowing you to keep any bigger items safe. Any smaller valuables can be stored in the smaller outer pocket, which comes with the added benefit of a tough outer shell. Nothing in there is going to be breaking if you fall off your bike en-route to the courts!

Also, there’s a shoe compartment, which is always a big win in our books.

Holding-wise, we’ve got two padded shoulder straps that will provide comfort and stability. They’re adjustable as well, so you don’t need to be too concerned about it not fitting. Two grab handles at the top allows you to take this and quickly dump it into the boot of your car when you’re running late… We’ve all been there, don’t worry!

When a tennis bag can hold the amount that this does, the manufacturer is clearly targeting players who travel a lot to play competitive matches with a selection of rackets strung at different tensions. If that sounds familiar for you, this is a great bag for your consideration.



3. Wilson Super Tour Tennis Racket Bag

best tennis bag

Capacity: 2-15 Rackets

We couldn’t do a tennis bag review list without Wilson jumping in with a product for us!

This a sleek black design that perfectly fits in with the professional look that Wilson are forever aiming for. The clean Wilson logo on the side completes the overall appearance of this bag. There are different sizes here, with the largest containing up to fifteen rackets. Which a LOT!

The fresh look of this product is great but optional colors wouldn’t go amiss. Where’s the Wilson red option, eh?!

Anyway, the two main compartments are for your tennis rackets and extra equipment, such as shoes, food, drink and that pair of socks you carry with you in case of emergencies. There are two outside pockets as well, for things you value slightly less, like that spare set of keys that always go missing because you don’t care about them enough….

There’s actually also a cool little hidden zippered pocket on the inside of this bag, for anything super rare. If you have a lucky shock absorber for your racket that you never want to lose, this is the place for it.

A thermoguard lining is here for one of the main compartments to keep all your drink and food nice and fresh or in case there’s a sudden blizzard and you need to camp out inside this bag to protect yourself… Hey, anything could happen! Did you see 2020?!

The padded adjustable shoulder strap will make carrying this a comfortable experience and there’s also a quick-grab handle at the top as well.

The usual high-standard of Wilson is all over this design and they’ve clearly taken the time to make a bag that’s easy and comfortable to use. This is a competitor’s racket rucksack so if match days are your life, this will suit your needs.



4. Wilson Federer Bag

best tennis bag

Capacity: 6

The designers at Wilson aren’t stupid. They know that when you have arguably the greatest men’s tennis player to ever exist under contract, you slap his name on everything and it’s going to sell by the bucket load.

With a big printed version of his signature on the side of a red and black bag unit, this will have Roger Federer fans going wild for it. But wait, hold on! Before you part ways with your dollars, let’s first find out if this is actually any good!

An elegant smooth overall look is a great choice for anything that’s going to represent the Federer brand. It allows for easy access for up to six rackets and the large, flat side pocket offers space for grips, accessories and general tennis equipment.

The padded adjustable shoulder straps and a durable two-piece grab handle offer options for you to carry this with comfort.

Wilson have also been careful to build this entire bag PVC free in an effort to lower toxic emissions which is always good to see from big brands.

This is a good all-round bag that ticks all the necessary boxes but doesn’t overcomplicate things with extra tech. It’s not that the designers have been lazy here but Wilson know that even a simplistic Federer bag will sell as long as it’s of reasonable quality and looks fresh. This does both of those things.

But to be honest, if you’re a Federer fan, you’ve probably already placed an order for this without even reading our review to be honest!



5. Head Team Tour Combi Tennis Racket Bag

best tennis bag

Capacity: 6

OK, now that all the Federer fanatics have left the building, let’s get down to the serious stuff.

This offering from HEAD comes in two colors, both of which look pretty great. A more muted gray and black combination looks the more serious of the two but the light and navy blue look is fantastic as well. The duffle bag-turned-rucksack design of this is something that more and more manufacturers are going for nowadays. Hybrids are the future, clearly!

Described by HEAD themselves as being perfect for those quick trips to your local courts, this bag doesn’t have the most storage but makes up for it by being immensely compact. One inside mesh pocket will keep your wallet safe as you play and the larger outside pocket will store any extra baggage you may have had to bring along with you, such as your annoying younger sibling.*

These more modern bags are all about climate control technology at the moment and HEAD is no different in this area, with their CCT+ aiming to keep the temperature inside nice and fresh to avoid any heat damage to your rackets. If you live somewhere with a warm climate, this will prove useful.

The standard adjustable padded shoulder strap will provide the necessary comfort levels for your bike ride to the courts and the two-part central grip handle gives you the option for carrying the entire thing briefcase-style if you’d prefer.

This bag is very durable, being made up of 70% polyester and 30% polyurethane. This makes for a solidly tough bag that will be able to survive a few scrapes and tumbles should it need to.

HEAD have produced a bag that should appeal to more casual intermediate club players who don’t intend on traveling too much to compete in tournaments. Only really lacking in the storage department, this is also a great option for players who live in warmer areas and worry about heat damaging their racket strings when not in use.

*-Please note that at no point do we endorse any human person being stored inside a racket bag. Thank you.



Tennis Racket Bags With 9+ Capacity

Name Capacity Price Check Price
YONEX Pro Racquet
HEAD Tour Team Monstercombi​
Wilson RF DNA
Tecnifibre AIR Endurance

1. YONEX Pro Racquet 9-Pack

best tennis bag

Capacity: 9

Yonex! We had faith in you to provide us with some color options and you have failed us! The travesty of it all!…

Now that that’s out of the way, this racket bag model has actually been entirely redesigned over the version released before it, with a  focus being on added space being made available through the unit.

Built to hold nine of your best rackets, there are two compartments on either side to do just that. One of these has thermal technology so make sure to keep the rackets you use more regularly in that one just in case they start melting on you! Could happen!

There’s a smaller outer pocket as well, with a small mesh pouch on the inside, perfect for your valuables to be kept nice and securely. The other added compartment is actually in the middle, between the rackets themselves! This will be good for holding towels, clothes, any other additional items that you usually bring with you courtside.

Shoe compartment! We do love a good shoe compartment. This one is stationed up and at the bottom of one of the ends of the bag, providing a neat little slot for you to store your high heels in for after a hard fought club championship win!

The two padded and adjustable shoulder straps on this are actually entirely removable, so if you prefer to carry it with just one or even simply using one of the grab handles available, the choice is there for you.

A really nice updated racket bag from Yonex here, that aims to border the gap between bigger, more uncomfortable bags and smaller, less storage bags. It does so very well and this bag should suit all standards of player.



2. HEAD Tour Team Monstercombi

best tennis bag

Capacity: 12 Rackets

HEAD returns to our list again but this time they bring with them zero optional color variations?! Will this monstrosity never end?!…

Still, the overall design looks nice, a cool light and navy blue color scheme bringing the whole thing together to create a modern look that you’ll be proud to carry onto court.

We have three compartments here, two of which to store rackets, three in each. One of these has thermal lining tech to keep your rackets from spontaneously combusting in a ball of fire so make sure to select only your favorite rackets for this one.

There’s a mesh pocket lining one of the compartments, a good place to store your car keys so they don’t go sliding around the inside of the bag. An outside zipper sleeve slot on the outside of the bag provides that bit of extra storage as well for any good luck charms that you need to bring along with you… Yes, even the cereal if you fancy a mid-match snack!

A lot of focus in the designing process of this bag has been on optimal carrying comfort and HEAD have made it so it can be moved around in two different ways. Over the shoulder and across your chest or on your back. The straps are padded and adjustable and so won’t be damaging your joints as you go sprinting to the courts because you slept in for morning training.

This is a bag created for professional usage. What we mean by that is that actual tour players have relied on this in the past while traveling to tournaments. Both Thomas Berdych and Richard Gasquet have walked onto courts around the world with this so it’s obviously going to be a fabulous option for competitive club league level play.



3. Wilson RF DNA

best tennis bag for 12 rackets

Capacity: 12

If there are any Federer fans still with us, then you have lucked out because this is a fresh, modern looking bag that also had the RF seal of approval.

A few years ago, Federer changed his racket to an all matte-black frame. This bag was created to go with it so obviously, optional color variations aren’t here which is sad but – we suppose – understandable in this case.

The silver Federer signature is printed in a few different placed across the bag but none of them are as blatant as the first Federer bag we had on this list. There are two main racket compartments here, built to house six rackets each for a total of twelve altogether. The two exterior pockets provide space for your additional storage.

Unlike some of the products up above, BOTH of the racket pockets have thermal cooling linings. No need to play favorites here and you can keep your water bottle nice and cooled without dragging a mini-fridge to the courts with you.

Two padded rucksack straps will have you feeling like the 8 time Wimbledon champion himself as you swagger onto your local car park-like hard courts.

Once again, there’s no over-complication here because there simply doesn’t need to be. This is another all-round Wilson offering that does everything to a high standard but doesn’t strive to stand out by doing anything majorly different.



4. Tecnifibre AIR Endurance

Capacity: 12

We’re going with a Tecnifibre bag for our final product review and we’ve gone for this because I mean… How can you not?! Just look at it!

The orange and black color scheme undeniably makes this design pop out amongst the competition. It’s actually hard to believe this is a Tecnifibre offering, so muted the color scheme was for the other bags we’ve reviewed for them so far! But yeah, this looks wonderful and very modern.

Given the name, you’ll be expecting this to be well ventilated and you’d be right. Tecnifibre have made sure that air can get access through all of the five pockets on this bag, meaning that your smelly tennis kit won’t be hanging inside waiting for you to open it when you get home.

There’s a focus here on lightweight durability as well. This bag is made out of a thinly cut rip-stop that’s been reinforced with a waterproof covering. If you accidentally trip and drop this entire thing in a bath, you won’t need to worry about your equipment getting soaked… Probably…

Thickly padded shoulder straps are designed to be adjusted with ease so you’ll be able to quickly sling this on and be off if you’re in a hurry.

This actually comes with an accessory box on the inside so that you can place all your bits and bobs in one place while you’re playing. The last thing you want to be doing after a hard afternoon beating your opposition is to then spend half an hour looking through your bag to try and find your missing earrings.

Up to twelve of your rackets can be carried in this bag and Tecnifibre say they’ve made this specifically for every player. If you’re a beginner, this could be for you. If you’re regular club level, this could be for you. If you’re a tournament competitor, this could be for you. If you’re Roger Federer himself, your bag is the one above this, what are you doing still reading?!



How to Choose a Tennis Bag

Now that we’ve looked at some of the best tennis bags, how do you go about choosing the right one?

Number of Rackets

OK, this is a good place to begin.

If you’re just starting out in your journey to be the next champion of Wimbledon, don’t worry all too much about getting a bag with maximum capacity. You’ll likely only have one or at most, two rackets anyway, so a rucksack bag design will probably be the perfect option for you.

If you’re a regular club player or intermediate tournament competitor, you’ll probably be wanting something with a bit more space. If you plan on traveling to play, a place to keep your food, drink, and a change of clothes is almost a must. You may also have extra rackets.

Try to measure what kind of standard you personally think you slot into.

And hey, if you’re a beginner but you also really want that fresh-looking Federer bag, go for it. You may just have a bit of empty storage available for a while!

Shoe Storage

In case it wasn’t apparent from some of our reviews up the page there, we LOVE shoe storage.

Tennis shoes get sweaty, smelly, and dirty very easily and so it’s very frustrating to see the number of bag manufacturers who don’t bother to incorporate storage specifically for your footwear.

You may think we’re over-reacting when we say this but honestly, we highly recommend asking about specific space for shoes before investing in a racket bag.

Believe us when we say that you’ll be thanking us for this advice when you walk off the court with a coating of sand or clay or even dirt across your soles!

Accessories Storage

There’s nothing worse than hunting at the very bottom of a rucksack after a tennis lesson for your phone, only to find the screen has cracked beneath the weight of your spare rackets while you’ve been playing.

Yes, we’re speaking from experience here.

Thankfully, most designs now have small pockets made out of mesh that hang on the inner walls of the bag, offering up that nice little place to store important valuables.

Double check this before buying.


So you’ve got your bag, you’re happy with it, you look great wearing it. Everything’s fine, right?


Make sure your bag provides the necessary protection from any trips or falls. A lot of manufacturers now use hard molded outer shell material to pad the outside of the bag to protect against the elements.

Also, this may sound a bit stupidly obvious, but make sure the pockets ALL have some way of closing them up. Be that a zipper, a string tie, or whatever. You just don’t want anything falling out as your sprint to the courts. 

Also also, water damage. Check how much waterproofing the bag you’re about to buy offers. Your electronics will thank you for it.


The last thing you want to see is a whopping great hole in the side of your month old tennis backpack.

Check the material the bag you’re looking at buying is made of and then go and research how strong said material is. Some companies – Tecnifibre, we’re looking at you! – have started using alternatives to the regular polyester in an effort to protect against water damage and increase the durability of the overall product.

If you’re going to be spending a substantial amount of money here, you want something that’s long-lasting.


Find the balance that suits you perfectly in this case.

Larger bags tend to naturally be a bit heavier than rucksack designs but all bags are generally supposed to be portable.

In any case, if you live a good walk or a cycle away from your local courts, you don’t want to be straining to carry the bag you’ve just invested in. You’re not going to be giving off an intimidating vibe to your opponent if you turn up already out of breath.

Check the carry straps. Make sure they’re nice and thick and padded. Many designs offer multiple ways in which you can lift it and as we all know by now, it’s always good to have options.


This absolutely comes down to what your personal budget is.

What we’d say is that if you’re looking to buy your first racket bag having never really played the sport of tennis, hold off for a bit. Tennis bags are generally fairly expensive and the last thing you want to do is buy a bag for a sport you later realize isn’t for you.

Something else to keep in mind is that bags that are branded by players such as Roger Federer are definitely going to have a slightly heavier price tag attached.

And a heavier price tag doesn’t always mean better quality…

Take your time and find an affordable racket bag that you’re going to feel your best when wearing.

That’s all we’ll say on this.

Type of Tennis Racket Bag

You’re wanting your tennis bag to safely and securely transport your tennis gear from place to place and you want to feel comfortable doing so.

Take a look below at some of the main types of tennis racket bag and have a thing as to which style might suit your relationship with tennis the most.

Racket Bag

Let’s start with the most obvious.

This is the racket bag you probably first thought of when you clicked on the link to come to this list. It’s the style that a majority of professional players walk on court with to play big matches.

Because of this, just about every company have a selection of these that you can pick from and they all range wildly in style.

There are many budget options of these available but on the flip-side, there are also player branded ones as well. And these will ask for much more from you when you go to pay…

Make sure you’re happy with this style of bag before investing.


Backpacks are used for everything nowadays. From school to work to tennis.

These are usually the smallest racket bag types, typically allowing for a maximum of three rackets to be carried alongside a number of smaller items, like a water bottle and a change of clothes.

We recommend this primarily for recreational club level players and beginners.


This is for your heavy duty tournament regular player.

Offering a lot of inner-storage, duffle bags provide some rock-solid durability and protection against the elements.

These especially come in handy if you’re planning on traveling between countries to play. Bags aren’t always treated the best in luggage storage and this design will protect your precious tennis cargo.

Popular Brands of Tennis Racket Bags


Originally starting out as an extreme snowboarding and skiing sporting manufacturer in 1950 in the United States, HEAD are now HEADquartered in Kennelbach in Austria.

Developing throughout the years, the company now stands tall as one of the most notable brands in the tennis world and currently sponsors the men’s word number 1, Novak Djokovic. 


Set up all the way back in 1875, Babolat is older than your dad. A French company headquartered in Lyon, they put themselves on the map originally as a manufacturer of high quality racket strings.

Steadily they’ve expanded out into other equipment areas and notably sponsor a number of professional players, including current men’s French Open champion, Rafael Nadal.


Prince is actually the leading tennis racket manufacturer in the world, pumping out more designs than any other! Very impressive!

Set up back in 1970, this US company is now based in Atlanta, Giorgia. They became widely known as the creator of the tennis ball machine but have now transitioned into other tennis and produce rackets and bags for many professional players.

best tennis racket brands


Ah, classic Wilson. Probably the most recognisable of the main tennis brands, this US company was founded back in 1989 and are currently based in Chicago, Illinois.

Through the help of lucrative contracts with two of the very best tennis players ever in the form of Serena Williams and Roger Federer, Wilson have cemented their spot as one of the most trusted sporting retailers around at the moment.

best tennis brands - wilson

Final Thoughts

And scene!

Take a breath. Have a sit down. Get a drink of water.

We’ll let you go take a nap in just a minute, we promise.

There are so many unique, exciting racket bag designs out there for you to discover and the wonderful thing about them is that there will absolutely be one for you.

Getting your first racket bag is always an experience so take your time over it to get it right. Don’t overspend your budget because we can promise, there’ll be an equally wonderful bag that IS within your price range right around the corner.

We hope we’ve been able to shine a spotlight on some of the best tennis bags and backpacks out there.

It’s certainly been fun.

You could even say it’s been a RACKET!…

…OK, we’ll go now.

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