best ping pong table under $500
STIGA Advantage Recreational Table


best ping pong table under $500
Stiga XTR Series Table Tennis Table


best ping pong table under $500
STIGA Competition Table
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Best Ping Pong Tables Under $500

Ping pong, or table tennis, is one of the best sports you can get involved with. Not only is it fun and fast-paced, but it can also be enjoyed by all ages, both indoors and outdoors, and when played solo or with family and friends. 

So, we’re going to share the best ping pong tables under $500 for those of you who are keen to get involved with ping pong or are looking to further develop your game. 

Let’s go!

What to Expect from a Table Under $500

If you’re a table tennis beginner, you probably aren’t looking to splash out on the very best equipment that money can buy. Likewise, if you just want a table tennis table for a bit of fun, you may not want to spend over $500 on a premium table. Luckily, there are heaps of top-quality ping pong tables under $500, a more affordable price point for many.

Although it’s amazing that there are so many quality tables to choose from, the amount of choice can be overwhelming. 

Our advice is to really think about who is going to be using the table most and for what purpose. We also recommend steering clear of any deal that sounds too good to be true. Overly cheap tables won’t last and won’t offer consistent games.

Best Ping Pong Tables Under $500

1. STIGA Advantage Competition Table

The STIGA Advantage Competition Table is, as you can probably guess, competition-ready. For this reason, many people regard this as one of the best table tennis tables under $500.

 The table comes in at a reasonable pricepoint while offering both tournament-grade features and compact storage. It’s a great indoor tennis table that can be enjoyed by both complete beginners and intermediate players alike.

 Like many STIGA tables, the Advantage Competition Table is quick and easy to assemble. You can have it ready to go in just ten minutes. The smooth, lockable caster wheels also mean you can comfortably move your table to an ideal location in your house.

 For a professional appearance, the table top is painted classic blue and features a multiple roller coat finish. You can be assured that such a smooth and consistent finish also offers excellent playability.

 The table top is durable at 5/8 inches thick, so even with extensive game play your table will remain in good condition. The ping pong table also comes with a 72 inch clamp-style net which is both tournament-grade and extremely easy to attach.

 Another important feature for many players is the ability to transform your table into a playback position, and you can easily do this with this STIGA table. The table is made up of two independent halves which also allows for compact storage and separate, multi-functional tables.



2. STIGA Advantage Recreational Inside Table Tennis Table

best table tennis table under $100

This STIGA table is one of the most popular on offer, and for good reason. It’s ideal for enjoying some competitive fun with your family and friends within the comfort of your own home.

 The tabletop itself is ½ inch-thick, reducing the weight of the table while still offering durability. What’s more, with a .75 inch welded steel tube apron, the table offers smooth and consistent ball bounce. This table looks the part, too, as it’s painted in a classic tournament blue colour. 

 Another reliable feature of the STIGA Advantage Recreational table is its legs – they’re sturdy, made of steel and come with adjustable levellers. The levellers ensure the table is comfortably even at all times.

 This table also comes with wheels so you can easily transport it around your home. Whether you want to move it into a different room temporarily, or want to move it back into storage after every session, smooth wheels make this simple. You don’t need to worry about safety and stability as you can lock the wheels into place whilst you play.

 The STIGA Advantage Recreational Table even features a 72 inch tournament-grade net and post set which can be easily clamped on or off your table. Overall, the ping pong table is easy to set up and it should take you no more than ten minutes to be game-ready.

 For compact storage, you can separate the table into two individual halves. The nested table halves offer a streamlined storage solution so you can keep the table tidied away when not in use. You can also use these as two separate free standing tables for other multifunctional purposes.



3. STIGA XTR Series – Inside & Outside Table

Next up we have the STIGA XTR Series ping pong table which is certainly one of the best ping pong tables under $500. This table can be enjoyed both indoors and outdoors, which is especially perfect if you live in a warmer climate and have a good amount of outdoor space at home.

 The table is made with all-weather materials – it’s waterproof, rust-free and resistant to sun damage. These all-weather materials, such as galvanized steel, also ensure the table is durable and robust.

 You can assemble this XTR table in less than ten minutes as it arrives 90% assembled. This makes quick, speedy games an easy possibility.

 The leg levellers that feature on this table are vital. Not only will they protect your flooring indoors, but they’ll also ensure your table is comfortably level when playing outdoors on more uneven surfaces, such as a lawn or patio. 

 The XTR’s smooth, rolling wheels are another great feature for this ping pong table so you can move it around with ease. For instance, if you want to soak up the sun in the summer and keep warm in the winter, you can easily wheel your table to the perfect location. These wheels do lock, too, for a safe and secure ping pong experience.

 As the XTR is comprised of separate table halves, you can easily fold one half back to play solo and develop your table tennis skills whenever you please. Or, you can fold both halves together for a slim storage solution.



4. Joola Inside Table Tennis Table

Joola’s Inside Table Tennis Table is another popular option, offering tournament-grade quality under the $500 mark. This table is ping pong regulation size measuring 9×5 feet and features a tournament grade net, so it’s ideal if you’re serious about improving your game.

 Joola boasts that this ping pong table comes 95% pre-assembled, saving you a bunch of time and a bunch of hassle. The table also has folding halves, meaning you can nest them together for safe and compact storage – an essential feature for an indoor table. Another great reason for this table’s folding halves is the ability to play solo in the playback position.

 The table itself is thick at 3/4 inches (albeit not tournament level thick) and has a multi-layered painted surface. The result is a smooth and robust finish for reliable and consistent ball bounce. There’s also 1.5 inch steel tube aprons to support the table and provide an even bounce.

 Like many indoor ping pong tables, this Joola table features locking caster wheels. So, you’ll be able to move your table around your home with ease. The wheels do lock, too, for safety and stability when playing and when stored.

 You’ll also find a safety latch system under the table, ensuring that the two halves of your table won’t unexpectedly unfold.



5. STIGA Space Saver Table

The STIGA Space Saver Table is the perfect option if you’ve got less room to work with at home. The table is approximately 6 feet long and 3 feet wide; much smaller than a regulation size table. This is reflected in the price which is a plus if you’re working with a tighter budget.

 Another great thing about the Space Saver Table is that it’s hassle-free. It arrives fully assembled, so you and your friends can start playing within seconds. Once finished, you can easily fold the legs inwards into the slim, storage position. For many, the table in this position will fit into small cupboards or underneath the bed.

 The table itself is extremely smooth and level, allowing for consistent ball bounce in every game. And, with solid steel legs and adjustable leg levellers, your table will be secure, safe, durable and keep your floors scratch-free.

 You can also separate the ping pong table and transform it into two, smaller tables. You can then use these smaller tables for other purposes, say for entertaining. Again, this is perfect for anyone living in smaller spaces with less storage space. The table is available in a classic blue or wood-style finish, so you can choose which style best suits your space.



6. Hathaway Portable Table Tennis Table

Last up on our list of the best table tennis tables under $500 is the Hathaway Portable Table Tennis Table. As the name suggests, this is one of the most compact table tennis tables available. As a result, it’s also one of the most affordable.

The Hathaway Portable Table is only 60 inches long, 28 inches wide and 29 inches tall. This makes it perfect for taking on-the-go and for using at home without requiring too much space. A smaller frame also means kids can really enjoy this table, so it’s great for the whole family.

Just because this table is small, it doesn’t mean it’s lacking in quality. The tabletop is made of ½-inch thick engineered wood making it solid and smooth, ideal for recreational play.

What’s more, the table seamlessly folds in half with the legs folding inside the frame. Not only does this allow for compact storage at home, but it also means you can fit it in your car. You can easily bring this table to parties or on camping trips, opening up another world of fun.



Just Over $500

7. Cornilleau Performance 500M Crossover Outdoor Table Tennis Table

best table tennis table under $500

We also wanted to include this Cornilleau Performance 500M as an option just over the $500 mark, if your budget will allow for it. This table is the most premium on our list, designed for more advanced players. Nevertheless, if you’re looking for an investment table to improve your skills in the long haul, this Cornilleau table is a solid choice.

 The table top itself has a resin laminate finish, meaning its extremely durable and shock-proof. What’s more, the surface is completely weatherproof. It won’t fade in the sun and can withstand any weather conditions, including rain, ice and snow. Not only does this mean you can enjoy ping pong outdoors, but you can store the table in your backyard or garage.

Another standout feature of the Performance 500M is its wheels. With oversized double wheels, the table is extremely easy to move, even on uneven surfaces. The wheels feature brakes, too, so you can play with safety and stability, and store the table securely. You’ll also find adjustable feet underneath the table for level games. 

 The ping pong table uses ‘Compact technology’ so you can fold and unfold the table easily and safely. This also means you can store the table in a space-saving manner, which is always a plus. The table also has a low centre of gravity to prevent it from toppling over.

For extra convenience, the Performance 500M features storage for bats and balls, a ball dispenser, transport handle and the playback position, an essential for players keen on improving their game.



How to Choose a Ping Pong Table

Indoor or Outdoor

Before selecting your ping pong table, it’s vital to understand whether it’s suitable for outdoor use or indoor use only. Not all tables are waterproof, and some will fade if you leave them out in the sun.

What’s more, if a table is outdoor safe, you need to know what type of weather it can endure. Will it hold up in heavy snow and rainfall? If the answer is no, you need to make sure you’re able to quickly move your table indoors when needed.

Obviously, understanding if your table tennis table is weatherproof or not will also affect where you can store your table. Consider whether it’s safe to store in your garage or backyard. If not, do you have enough space to store it indoors?

If you are opting for an outdoor table, you should consider buying a protective cover to keep your table as safe as possible when not in use. This is of course an extra expense to factor in, but it’s worth it to keep your table in top condition for longer.


Next up is size, which is a rather obvious one, we know. You need to make sure that the table will fit where you need it to when you have it fully unfolded. When it’s unfolded, will you have enough space to comfortably and safely play against your opponent?

 Also, if you plan to store your table away when not in use, make sure it will actually fit in your desired storage space! Many tables fold together in a compact manner, but still check the dimensions carefully. If you’re planning to keep the table in a storage cupboard, will you be able to get it through the door frame?

 Another thing to consider when it comes to size is who is going to be playing. If you’re buying a table tennis table primarily for young children to use, consider downsizing. One of the smaller tables on our list will offer more comfort for kids, while still enabling the grownups to join in on the fun.  


A super important buying factor is the ping pong table’s warranty. Does the ping pong table you’re eyeing up even come with a warranty? We always recommend choosing one that does!

 You need to check to see if the table comes with a warranty, or if you need to purchase one. Also, make sure you know how long the warranty is covered for. It could be anywhere from 30 days to 10 years!

 A warranty is there to protect you if your table doesn’t align with how it’s advertised. You may notice a default as soon as you unpack your table or an issue may appear over time. With a warranty, issues should be fixed for free or for a small fee. There would be nothing worse than having to shell out to fix an issue yourself or to buy an entirely new ping pong table.

 Playback position is a great feature that many table tennis tables offer, including some of those under $500, is the ability to set up in a playback position. For many players, especially those looking to improve their game, this feature is non-negotiable. If you’re one of these players, double check the table will let you practice solo!

 For those who are more interested in playing table tennis with family and friends, this feature may not be a make or break for you. However, it’s still a good feature to consider when making your final decision.

Additional Accessories

Some tables come with additional accessories included, which is always a winner. It’s so convenient and saves you time ordering separate balls and paddles.   

 When accessories are included with the price of the table, you’re also saving money on purchasing balls and paddles. However, you’ll need to check how many accessories come with the table.

 It can be easy for ping pong balls to go missing, especially if you’re playing outdoors. So it’s worth having a few spares so you’re never without. Likewise, if you’re keen on playing doubles, you’ll need at least four paddles.  

 If there are no accessories included, make sure to pick some up before your table arrives otherwise you won’t be able to play right away!

Built-in Storage

Another useful feature to consider is whether or not the table provides built-in storage. Some ping pong tables will provide built-in storage for your ping pong balls to keep them safe and organised.

 Of course, this isn’t an essential feature for a ping pong table, and one that is unlikely to feature on a compact, light-weight table. However, it’s something useful to look out for.

 If the table you want doesn’t come with built in storage for accessories, then have a think about how you can safely and neatly store ping pong balls and paddles at home. This is especially important if you’re planning to keep your table outdoors.

Space Saving

Whether you’re looking for an indoor or outdoor table tennis table, you need to think about its space saving features.

 Many tables, particularly the larger ones, feature two independent halves which can be folded in a compact manner. In many cases, these ping pong tables have nested halves which allows for further space saving storage. Some smaller tables without separate table halves often still provide space saving features, such as foldable legs.

 Be sure that transitioning your table from playing mode to storage mode is relatively easy and quick to do. If not, you’ll be less inclined to move your table between storage and game mode which may disincentivize you from playing.

Likewise, if the table you want doesn’t offer any easy compact storage, you’ll have to dismantle the table if you need to make space. Make sure that this is a fast and simple task, especially if you don’t have a lot of space to work with and will need to dismantle and assemble your table regularly. 

Final Thoughts

Our list of the best ping pong tables under $500 offer something for everyone, and we hope you’re now feeling confident and excited to choose your new table. All of the table tennis tables on this list are of excellent quality and are from reputable brands, but the perfect table for you will come down to your personal preferences and how strict your budget is.

For example, if the most important thing to you is space, the Hathaway Portable Table Tennis Table or the STIGA Space Saver Table offer all the fun of table tennis but on a slightly smaller surface.

 Or, if you’re keen to enjoy your ping pong table outdoors, the STIGA XTR Series Inside & Outside Table or the Cornilleau Performance 500M are the most suitable choices for you.

 For those of you that are keen to play against yourself, you’ll need to have a table that folds into a playback position, like the STIGA Advantage Competition Table or Joola’s Inside Table Tennis Table. You could also consider a ping pong robot to practice your game solo and sharpen your skills even further.

 If you have any further questions about ping pong tables and ping pong in general, please explore our other articles or leave us a question in the comments below.


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