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best cheap tennis racket
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best cheap tennis racket
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Best Budget Tennis Racquets

Fun Fact: Did you know the youngest player to ever compete at Wimbledon was only 13 years old? 

Yes, that’s right! Mita Klima was only 13 years old when she first played at Wimbledon. And that just goes to show it’s never too early to learn anything in life. 

So get off that couch, invest in one of these best budget tennis racquets, and start training.

We’ve also included an in-depth buyers guide towards the end of the post. Feel free to check this out if you need some help deciding which racket is best for you.

10 Best Budget Tennis Rackets

1. Head MicroGel Radical - Editors Choice

best budget tennis racket

It’s funny how the Head MicroGel Radical racket blends with any style of play and skill level. Every tennis player out there will want to own this piece of equipment, as it offers a ton of benefits. 

Unlike other racket models, the Head MicroGel Radical has two head sizes. So if you’re an inexperienced player, we would recommend you go for the oversize (107sq. in), and the midplus (98 sq. in) if you’re playing at an intermediate level. This is a particularly great touch, as it lets players from different skill levels use this racket. 

One of the best aspects of the Head MicroGel Radical is control. While coming at a slight cost to power, very few rackets at this price range offer control on the level of the Head MicroGel.  

Another great touch comes with the addition of the MicroGel Technology. MicroGel is basically a semi-elastic material that has a really low density, but absorbs lots of the vibrations. It’s often mixed with carbon fiber to produce the perfect tennis racket frame…

Which is exactly what’s happened here… creating a lightweight, yet durable racket that does a fantastic job of absorbing shock. This kind of vibration dampening is great for preventing tennis elbow, which can only be a good thing. 

All in all, the Head MicroGel radical offers insane value for money, making it a fantastic option for anyone looking for a budget-friendly racket.



2. Head Ti S6 - Best Value for Money

best budget tennis racket

We’ve seen and used a lot of rackets over the years and when we tell you this racket model probably has the widest center and frame, you need to believe it—It really does. 

By the way, in case you were wondering, that’s a good thing if you’re a newbie or low-level intermediate player still struggling to generate more power on your own. Plus, the oversized head provides a larger sweet spot, allowing a bit more forgiveness in your shots, as there’s less chance you’ll miss-hit or frame the ball. 

The Head Ti S6 also has a stiffer frame. Such frames actually do help rackets generate more power, something that you’ll appreciate if you’re a player with short/medium strokes. 

This racket perfectly blends with any playing style, and it’s one of the best cheap tennis rackets out there. Some would even argue that this might be the reason why it’s Head’s top-selling racket model. 

The kind of perks that you get to enjoy while using the Head Ti S6 will make you love the game even more. It’s made of titanium and graphite, and that could only mean one thing—generating faster swings will be easy with this racket. 

All in all, if you’re looking for a budget and beginner-friendly racket, I think you’ve found it.



3. Babolat Aero G Tennis Racket - Premium Choice

best buget tennis racket

Looking for a good quality racket that won’t break your bank? We’ve got the Babolat Aero G Tennis Racket. This brand loves to go for the overkill because every racket that they release always offers something unique—something out of this world.  And that could probably be the reason why everyone assumes all their products are expensive.

It’s hard to talk about the Babolat Aero G without talking about the technology used on this racket, so we’re just going to go ahead and start with the Woofer Technology. 

The first time we heard about this system was 21 years ago. We didn’t quite understand what role it played or why, but while testing the rackets, the players realized upon contact, the ball settled on the strings a lot longer.

Consequently, the racket provided greater control and made the person holding it feel more comfortable.

Second on our list is the AeroModular Technology. Now Babolat found this application necessary because engineers in the research and development department felt the need to design a cheap racket that would offer more aerodynamics. It also enhances the racket’s control, but mostly helps the player swing faster while generating an incredible spin.

Lastly, we have cortex dampening technology, which acts as a communication conduit between the player and racket.It reduces the shock and vibrations produced, thereby increasing the shot accuracy.



4. Babolat Boost Drive - Best for Teenagers

We’ve seen different racket models come and go, but when Babolat Boost Drive was first introduced to the world back in 2018, we knew this racket was here to stay. It’s been over 2 years already, and it’s still racking some positive reviews on the internet. 

We do have adult rackets, and then we have rackets designed for teenagers. Babolat Boost Drive is that racket. Of course, it’s not a crime to use it as an adult, but the design will only effectively serve a beginner or intermediate teen, who’s still trying to earn his/her stripes.

Take a quick glance at the product’s features and you’ll realize it’s maneuverable and oversized. It’s also so very light in the hands, but that doesn’t mean it lacks that solid feel. It’s still there.

What spin and control? Everything is A-okay in that department.

Finding an evenly balanced racket is difficult. Most rackets have weights concentrated towards the handle, or more towards the head. It’s rarely even. But the Babolat Boost Drive is pretty even.

We’ve always been told that cheap is expensive because most cheap products are usually associated with low-quality products. However, that’s not the case with the Babolat Boost Drive racket. It’s a nice upgrade for anyone looking to play with one of the best cheap tennis rackets.



5. Yonex EZONE ACE

best budget tennis racket

The Yonex Ezone Ace has helped define quality in this industry, and that’s not something to be taken lightly. Just go ahead and ask Nick Kyrgios or Naomi Osaka. They know what the Ezone Ace brings to the table and that’s why they endorse it. 

This racket will remind you what it feels like playing with a user-friendly model. It’s flexibility and usability will be apparent the moment you set foot on the court. Quite frankly, saying that the Yonex EZONE ACE feeds every need that the player has, is an understatement. 

Yonex EZONE ACE has a 16 by 19 open string pattern. This is a moderately open string pattern, giving your access to a bit more spin and power on your shots. The wider head size is yet another great feature that has made it famous over the years, as it provides a decent sweet. 

The VDM Technology is also a great addition to this racket model. You’ll feel the difference on the racket’s handle, as it ensures you don’t lose your grip while serving or even returning volleys. It will filter out all those extra vibrations, but the racket will remain responsive. 

Yonex definitely knows what’s needed in the weight department because they’re excelling without breaking a sweat. Even though the EZONE ACE is slightly heavier than the other racket models in this line, it’s designed to compliment players at all levels.



6. Babolat Drive Max 110

Finding a budget-friendly racket can often be harder than finding an advanced level racket. This is due to the fact that there’s a lot more “rubbish” in this bracket, which needs to be sifted through in order to find some gems…

And what a gem we’ve got for you here in the form of the Babolat Drive Max 110. While still budget-friendly, the Drive Max has a ton of qualities you’d expect to find in higher-end rackets. 

For example, the cortex system technology that’s been incorporated just above the grip of the racket. This helps to minimize vibrations traveling down the racket, and therefore into your arm. In doing so, Babolat has managed to minimize the risk of players sustaining injuries to their arm and joints, such as tennis elbow. 

The Drive Max uses a 16 X 20 string pattern. While not providing a great amount of spin, the pattern will provide a solid amount of power, especially when hitting the ball with the sweet spot of the racket.

Pair this with Drive Max features an oversized head, measuring in at 110sq. Inches, and you’ll have no problem at all finding the sweet spot with your shots. 

While definitely towards the pricer sides of things when compared to some other models on our list, the Boost Drive is definitely one of the best budget tennis rackets in terms of value for money.



7. Wilson Ultra Team Tennis Racket

Up next, we’ve got a great racket from Wilson in the form of their Ultra Team Racket. Wilson themselves need no introduction, given that they’ve been one of the biggest names in tennis for what seems like a millennia. 

While it comes down to personal preference, for me, this is one of the best looking rackets on our list. I love the matte finish paired with the various shades of blue. Admittedly, aesthetics should come second to quality, but fortunately, you don’t need to worry about that with the Ultra Team. 

Let’s talk about specifications, shall we?

Wilson has used graphite to construct the frame; a lightweight durable material that allows for fast swing speeds. This offers a great amount of maneuverability, ideal for players who like to play in all areas of the court.

Utilizing an 18 x 20 string pattern, the Ultra Team provides a great amount of control on your shots. Plus, the dense pattern provides more durability in your strings, which is great for players prone to string breakages. 

Wilson has implemented a relatively small head size, especially compared to the more beginner-friendly models on our list such as the Head Ti S6. Given the 97sq. inch head size, you may find yourself missing the sweet spot, or even framing your shots if you’re a beginner. 

So where does this racket excel and where does it not? Well, if you’re looking for control and feel, then you’ve found a racket for you. Where this racket lacks is power. The string pattern, weight, and head size just aren’t built for incredible amounts of power generation. 

That all said and done, this is an extremely high-quality racket, which for me, warrants the highest price tag on our list.



8. Head Geo Speed

best buget tennis racket

And another Head racket model just made the list. This model is unisex, and that means any male of female inexperienced player can use it while learning the different tennis techniques. It won’t ever let you down, as it’s famous for its stability and power.

Featuring an oversized head, measuring at 105 sq. inches, this racket is ideal for beginners still developing their technique and may be prone to framing their shots. The head also provides a nice size sweet spot, giving you a bit more forgiveness if you do miss-hit a shot.

Head has also used one of the most popular string patterns with this racket, which is of course 16 X 19. This moderately open pattern allows for more spin to be generated on the ball. The caveat to this though is that the strings tend to wear out faster than with other patterns, but that’s an easy fix at the end of the day.

It’s also easy on the hands, so should you get tired mid-game, you won’t feel the strain or have to deal with slippage. Players who love that muted feel that’s experienced when using a vibration dampener will love this model because its head light balance takes care of that.



9. Wilson Burn 100

best budget tennis racket

The Wilson Burn 100 is a fantastic option for any fans of Wilson’s Burn series, who are shopping on a budget. Their Burn 100 is actually the lightest model they’ve released, which in turn offers fantastic maneuverability and fast swing speeds. 

How did Wilson achieve this incredibly low weight? By using carbon fiber in the construction of the frame. This is an incredibly lightweight material, often used in sports cars, however, despite its weight, is incredibly strong and durable. 

As with a lot of popular rackets, the Wilson burn uses a 16 x 19 string pattern. I won’t go into details on this pattern again, however, just know that this is an open pattern that helps players generate spin on their shots. 

I’d say this is a great all-round racket, excelling slightly in areas such as spin and power. If you’re a player that likes to play from all angles and around the court, the frame’s lightweight build and maneuverability will definitely suit your style.



10. Wilson Hammer 5.3

best budget tennis racket

The material used in the construction process is the other reason why reviewing this racket is so important. If you know how Wilson does business, you’ll know they often go for the best of the best especially when designing racket frames—The carbon fiber. 

Their primary goal is, and has been, to provide resistant quality frames for tennis players looking for durability.

Any gear-maker who uses carbon fiber technology knows just how important this material is. Besides the fact that it guarantees an exceptional weight to strength ratio, it also offers an incredible kinetic energy transfer. Add those attributes to its lightweight nature, and you’ve got yourself one hell of a racket.

The 110-square-inch head size places it under the oversized category, and that means you’ll be getting a larger than average sweet spot and be less likely to frame your shot.

While by no means a professional standard racket, it is however great value for money, and particularly ideal to those new to tennis.



best budget tennis racket

How to Pick a Budget Tennis Racket

Get the Correct Grip Size

Before looking for a racket, measure your grip size, as it’s just as essential as any other factor. The wrong grip size will easily put you out of commission by causing pain in your wrists or elbow. Here’s a chart of the different grip sizes:

US Sizes European Sizes Sizes in Millimeters
4 Inches
100-103 mm
4 1/8Inches
103-106 mm
4 ¼ Inches
106-110 mm
4 3/8 Inches
110-113 mm
4 ½ Inches
113-118 mm
4 5/8 Inches
118-120 mm
4 ¾ Inches
120-123 mm

How Do I Know my Grip Size?

You could use the index finger test or the ruler test when measuring your grip size. Both of them are effective, so don’t be concerned when the store attendant tells you that he/she prefers using one over the other.

If You Don’t Have a Racket: The Ruler Test

Okay, open your hand, straighten all your fingers out, and make sure they’re all placed together. Don’t spread them out. Now, do you see that bottom crease on your palm? Align your rule with it, and measure the length between that point and the tip of your ring finger.

The length always falls between 4 inches and 4 ¾ inches. If it’s longer than that, you’re an extraordinary individual, and we need to reach out to one of these brands and ask them to design a new racket for you. We’ll make the same request for someone who has a grip size smaller than 4 inches.

how to measure tennis racket grip size
If You Do Have a Racket: The Index Finger Test

You’ll need to get a racket if we’re going to use this method. Hold the racket with your dominant hand, and make sure it’s the eastern forehand grip. Use the index finger on the other hand to fill that space between your palm and your dominant hand’s ring finger.

If it fits perfectly, that’s the ideal grip size. If the space is too big and you realize even two of your index fingers could fit, that grip is too big. And if the space is too small, the grip is too small. Either way, you’ll have to keep looking for something you can comfortably hold while playing under pressure.


We’ll make it simple. When it comes to the weight of the racket, an advanced player can go for any type of racket, and any weight if they understand how weight as a factor influences their general style of play.

But for a beginner, you still have a lot to learn. Therefore, we recommend you go for a lighter racket. One that you’ll feel comfortable swinging and not strain yourself. Anything that weighs less than 10oz is good for you. Go get one and take it for a test run. 


In the balance section, you’ll find three categories: evenly balanced, head heavy, and head light. Balance as a factor affects the stability of your racket together with its maneuverability. We can’t really tell you which racket is good for you here because it all boils down to an individual’s personal preference.

Some players perform exceptionally well with head heavy rackets while others prefer playing with headlight. Finding an evenly balanced racket is not easy, but brands do produce them. 

And by the way, tennis experts recommend evenly balanced rackets for inexperienced players looking to learn. 

Head Size

As we’ve said throughout the article, the head size of a racket is incredibly important. Simply put, the bigger the head, the easier the ball is to hit. 

Bigger heads also tend to have larger sweet spots, which is ideal for beginners as it provides more margin for error when hitting the ball. 

Head sizes can typically be split into three different categories, which you can check out in the table below. 

Size Inches Power Control Sweet Spot


There’s a dominant brand in every industry. And because most of them are known to manufacture high-quality products, they usually take advantage of that and raise their prices. But not all big brands have expensive products. 

Don’t shy away from bigger brands just because you’ve been told that they only make quality rackets. Quality doesn’t always equate to high prices.

Popular Tennis Brand Choices


This might not be news to you, but for the sake of other readers, we’re just going to remind everyone. Babolat was founded in 1875 by one Pierre Babolat, and it’s now a family-owned French company based in France.

When it started, it was all about manufacturing tennis strings. But that quickly changed when they realized there’s more that they could do inthe tennis world. So a couple of years later, they began producing other tennis equipment, including shoes, apparel, and rackets.

The current Babolat CEO is Eric Babolat, and he’s leading a company that has evolved to become a leader in connected sports technology. Most of their rackets are considered costly, but there are a few models that you could find well within your price range.


Wilson is also another old brand that has existed since 1913. However, it wasn’t until 1989 that it became a full-owned subsidiary of the well known American company Finish Amer Group. In the beginning this Sporting Goods Company was all about producing meat, and specialized in slaughterhouse byproducts.

But that all changed after it made a few acquisitions and merged years later. Today, the Wilson brand does not stand alone. It’s part of a bigger family consisting of Luxilon, Atec, Louisville, and Evoshield. It has also signed a number of great players including Simona Help, Roger Federer, Elena Svitolina, and Grigor Dimitrov.

wilson logo


Yonex was famously known as the first brand to ever produce the best quality rackets in badminton before they got to the world of tennis. And truth be told, this Japanese brand never disappointed. Although they took time to learn what it took to manufacture top-quality tennis rackets, they eventually did and immediately became a force to be reckoned with.

The brand has been fortunate enough to get endorsements from top players like Angeline Kerber, Frances Tiafoe, Stan Wawrinka, Belinda Bencic, and Naomi Osaka. Are you thinking of getting yourself a Yonex racket? Well, you should. Because most of the recently released models are among the best budget tennis racquets. 


There’s no way we were going to wrap things up without talking about Head. A brand has long been considered to be part of the top three brands in the market. This American-Dutch firm doesn’t just specialize in manufacturing tennis rackets. It also produces some of the best equipment for swimming, skiing, snorkeling, and snowboarding.

We’re afraid if we start listing down pro tennis players that represent this brand, we might pitch camp, and stay the night. So we’re only going to mention a few of them. They are Maria Sharapova, Coco Gauff, Andy Murray, Alexander Zverev, and Novak Djokovic.   

Some Head racket models might force you to dig deep into your pockets, but there are a few cheaper options that you could work with. 

head logo

Wrapping it up

Don’t just look for the best budget tennis racquet.

Look for a racket that will compliment your style of play and make you look good on the court. Different brands offer different options, so don’t settle for a racket that doesn’t suit your play style.

We’ve also got another article on the best tennis rackets under $100 if you’ve got a specific budget in mind, so feel free to check that out as well. 

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