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28 Oct 2010

I feel like I’m a bit late to the show here, like saying “Rafa winning the USO was huge” or “the fall of the Berlin wall is going to be a significant historic event”. But screw it.



There’s 300 views on this thing. Get on it people.

“This is good stuff, I think.”

“This way, this way, move like this.”

Indeed, Pico. Indeed.

Pic Me Up: Look What We Made!

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23 Sep 2010

What can I say? We made a pretty gorgeous baby.

OK fine. It’s Carlos Moya’s kid. Carla. Pico and I will have such better names for our kids. Like Analine Monaco. Or Rafuan Monaco, if it’s a boy. Pfft. Carla.

I And Love And You

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17 Aug 2010


The tournament got way less pretty. Boo.

Pico (as you know, a MTR favorite) lost to Thiemo de Bakker. He’s lacking rhythm but I’m sure things will get better in no time. Don’t get too sad, though. He said later in his twitter that he ended the match with no pain in his wrist for the first time in 6 months and is looking forward to the next tournament. Awesome news. We most definitely need Pico around.

Welcome back. And please, don’t go away ever again.

Bits And Pieces

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5 Aug 2010

Sad face. If I were going to Toronto, this probably would have ruined my day. Great that he’s gonna be back for Cincy and USO though. I miss him dearly, obviously.

I also love how he says he’s “not ready to Toronto” like it’s a dance. “Alright everybody… DO THE TORONTO! CHA CHA CHA!”

Le win! Word on the Twitter street is that Nole asked Rafa around Wimbledon. It’s also the first time the top 2 ranked men have teamed up since 1974. For those who are going to be in Toronto, I really recommend heading out to this. They’ll likely be stuck on the smaller grand stand, which means that you can get close, front row seats if you go early, and regardless of what type of ticket you have. Almost all of my pics of doubles on the MTR Facebook page are from that court, and you can be damn close. Really don’t see them getting on centre court early in the week, though I suppose it’s possible with that kind of star power.

And lastly, according to the always fantastic OnTheBaseline, Ana has accepted a wildcard into New Haven. That will make it 6 tournaments in a row for her, once she hits the US Open. Good move. The girl is playing well, and only seems to be improving. She seems to be only a few points or a game or two there from nabbing a couple big wins. Assuming that she’s still playing Montreal. Hoping a few wins in the qualies there will give her some confidence there and going into New Haven and eventually USO. Do it up.

So Long Snuggle Buddy

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29 May 2010

Pico tweeted this yesterday:

im not doing any surgery on my wrist, its time to recover well . thank you all for caring…

Hopefully this is good news, his wrist is feeling better, and he thinks just resting it will get it better. But hopefully this isn’t Delpo syndrome and he comes back to just re-injure himself. Sorry Delpo, wrist surgery Pico to snuggle with over the coming months. But I’m sure he’ll still come over and play video games.

Now You See Me…

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25 May 2010

…And now Pico is out of the tournament. Sob. He fell to Grega Zemlja in four sets. He of course is suffering from the wrist injury that needs surgery, and from what little I saw, he was having trouble being aggressive and creating angles, and was more in clay court survival mode instead of trying to make things happen. That’s not really typical Pico, especially on clay. Boo.

My two favourite Argies are now both out after wrist surgery. Go snuggle up in Tandil and get will soon, will you?


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19 May 2010

So holy wowza. Pico has a new website and a new Twitter account! And it’s mentioned on his actual site, so you know it’s legit. The tennis gods have been cruel this past while, but jebus, they at least try to keep things sort of balanced.

Oh, and the official site? Has a section of some awesome-ass off-court pics. Serious, smiling, with a tux… he even takes the dog out for a walk. No, not that you sicko! Pico > all.

Pic Me Up: Pico Goes Vertigo

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15 Apr 2010

From Pico’s Facebook page/upload:

Yesterday wasn’t a good day for me, taking into account that i lost . But today was one of the happiest !! , i met my favourite singer BONO from U2 !!

Let’s get married.

Bloody Birthday

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29 Mar 2010

Poor Pico. His hotness, nor the fact that it was his 26th birthday could help him against a well rested, inspired 29 year-old. (That’s Gonzo). Still some pretty solid hard court results for Pico here and in Indian Wells, and it should set him up perfectly heading into the clay season (he’s ranked 26th right now).

This goofball finally got his act together, despite drawing Fed AND the disaster of last week, knocking out Baggy in straight sets, to advance to the fourth round. Youz (wow), Berd, and Nando won, as well as Fed, Sod, and Home Wrecker Fish (ew).

Updated: My Tummy Hurt

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27 Feb 2010

My poor Argies. After what was shaping up to be a fantastic first set, Pico pulled some sort of chest muscle or muscle around his stomach, I believe at 5-5, had to call the trainer, took the shirt off, looked mopey, dropped the next two games, the set, and called it a night. And he was none too impressed (especially after losing to JCF last week and not being able to put up a fight.)

Other than the fact that this blows immensely for Pico, this really leaves the poor Argentine Davis Cup team in a total mess, especially if Pico can’t play. Elf, Nalby, and Chucho are all injured or out, and right now the DC site has Pico, Zeballos, Mayer and Schwank. Oddly enough, all four have been playing well of late, but holy. They take on Sweden who essentially are a one man team with Sod… this might get messy. I’ll talk more in my Davis Cup preview later in the week.

The other semi featured Gonzo and Ferru. Ferru won and will setup a re-match of last weeks Buenos Aires final.

UPDATE: Pico will now miss Davis Cup

“I think it is a tear,” Monaco told Argentine sports daily Ole. “I’m very angry.”

His replacement? Sounds like Juan Ignacio Chela. Holy shit. Poor Argies indeed.

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