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12 Jan 2011

Ana Ivanovic Practice

Can we all just be serious for a minute? This is the most fit Ana Ivanovic has looked in… oh, I dunno… Forever?

It was a less than ideal start to the season for Ana, who kicked off kicking ass in Hopman Cup, but unfortunately busted an ab and was forced to withdraw from the tournament as well as Sydney. The good news? Besides being in presumably solid form both physically and game-wise, she’s in the top 32 and will be seeded for AO, meaning she will avoid a brutal first couple of rounds and should be able to work her way into the tournament.

Beyond that, Ana is clearly busting some ass (thanks, Leather!) and has winning on the brain this 2011. If Melbourne doesn’t work out perfectly, that’s ok. Here’s hoping for some consistent results from Ana in 2011.

Pic Me Up: Praise Be To Sven

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31 Dec 2010

Sven Groeneveld

Sven is in the net cord. Praise be to Sven, the Grandest of Slammers. He who bringeth us US Open titles and lucky bounces. He who raineth upon us his most glorious of tennis wisdom. For through him, all slams are grand and all draws are cupcakes. Praise be to Sven. Amen.

30 Sep 2010

“I missed you so much.” “I’m so sorry baby, I’m glad I’ve got you back.” “Let’s make out.”

Wait? Aga retired? Down 5-0? Crap. I believe it was because the entertainment level of the match quite literally bored her to tears. But you didn’t hear it from me.

Caro, Vika, Elena and Franny are your semifinalists in Tokyo.

Pic Me Up: Look What We Made!

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23 Sep 2010

What can I say? We made a pretty gorgeous baby.

OK fine. It’s Carlos Moya’s kid. Carla. Pico and I will have such better names for our kids. Like Analine Monaco. Or Rafuan Monaco, if it’s a boy. Pfft. Carla.

17 Aug 2010

If you ever hit up tournaments, doubles are an absolute must. You can see players you like playing together, or playing against each other. And overall, it’s a much faster style of tennis that you can see up close and personally. It’s also pretty clear why top ranked singles players often choose to play doubles. Adapting to a new surface, returning from injury, playing with a friend, and most importantly, practicing certain skills without having to run a lot! Extra serving, volleying, cross court rallies… you name it. Wholesome fun for the whole family, it’s a crying shame doubles are rarely ever shown on TV or streamed.

2 Aug 2010

Que lindo volver a pegarle a la pelotita,aunque fue suave,tuve la raqueta en la mano nuevamente..

Which I believe translates to…

“Yo USTA, I’ll fucking tell you when I’m ready. Cheers!”

Double whammy Delpo Wrist Update + Pic Me Up special!

Yup. Delpo tweeted that he was returning to the court the next day, and today he friggin’ tweetpiced it. That’s how it’s done. Oh, and it “actually” roughly translates to “That nice to hit the ball, but was smooth, I had the racket in his hand again..” Deal. Looking good, bud.

2 Aug 2010

Who doesn’t love waking up to nice things? It’s always nice to sit down at the computer in the morning with a nice coffee, but I had no idea what giddy love was awaiting me. Thanks, @MercuryInsOpen, you rule. They hit together under the lights of Stanford last Sunday, and now are besties. Guess they couldn’t wait to see each other in San Diego.

Pretty sure I’m tiling this as my wallpaper. Like, in my bedroom, not my computer.

23 Jul 2010

It’s not often that I stumble upon random pictures that are so intriguing I feel forced to blog them. Today is one of those magical days.

Tennis isn’t an elitist sport, you guys. And who the hell are those ladies, anyway? In other news, I want Kader to dress like that and follow me around and commentate my life for a day. I’d like to wake up with him looming over my bed saying “TIME” over and over until I get out of bed. OK, that might be kinda creepy.

First she was running people over in Paris, now she’s running people over in your local shopping centre. Unfortunately, Serena is not tweeting her location, so no one knows where she might strike next. Be safe out there, people.

Caroline Wozniacki child

I need to finish on a nice note. Ain’t that just the cutest thing ever? Gotta love how she was making that weird ass face when tossing the ball even¬† as a wee one. Thanks to C Note from Forty Deuce via Women’s Tennis Blog.

17 Jul 2010

I wasn’t really sure I’d believe it until I saw a picture so… there you have it. Introducing The Sex and Mrs. The Sex. I guess I can’t really call him The Sex in a not-so-subtly ironic way anymore, since he’s picked up one of the hottest ladies in recent tennis history. I guess chicks just dig the dance moves, fellas.

Pic Me Up: Nuns Now Have Fun

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8 Jul 2010

To quote Getty Images:

Nuns applauds tennis legends John McEnroe and Goran Ivanisevic play during an humanitarian match in the streets of the ancient old city of Dubrovnik on July 8, 2010. All money raised from this event will go to the renovation of the children’s ward of Dubrovnik hospital.

I… uh… what? Sounds great though, a random charity event in the streets of an ancient city. Deal. And nuns are watching it. If nuns are watching it, it has to be good (and good, wholesome family fun). Apparently J-Mac even threw on a “Are You Kidding Me?!” shirt and yelled it at the umpire. Good times.

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