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25 Jul 2011

Hello everyone! I’ve been on a bit of a tennis break mostly due to going on vacation, but I’m back in full this week and am looking forward to a ton of great tennis this week. Let’s do this.

Stanford – WTA (Premier)

Official Site: Here
Draw: Here
Top Seeds:
Vika, Masha, Marion, Sam, A-Rad, Julia, Ana, Domi (oh, and Serena)

As per usual, Stanford plays host to a jam packed, exciting draw. Keeping in mind the top seeds, Serena, and the fact that it’s a 28 player draw, we are going to have some juicy early round matches. Oh, did I mention Sabine (possible second round match with Sam), Rebecca Marino (possible second round match with Marion) and Dani (possible second round match with Masha) are playing too? Delicious. This tournament should be fantastic by Wednesday, I can’t wait. And if for some reason you don’t already know, there is going to be excellent coverage over at Forty Deuce as well.

College Park – WTA (International)

Official Site: Here
Draw: Here
Top Seeds:
Shahar, Petrova, Paszek, Dokic

The inaugural Citi Open in Maryland, while not boasting the same star power as Stanford, should prove to be an exciting one. Highlighted by big hitting veterans Shahar, Petrova, and Dokic, there are also a ton of intriguing up-and-coming young players, such as Bojana, Sloane Stephens, Genie Bouchard, Heather Watson, and the list goes on. Even if it is a veteran who ends up winning the tournament, this could be a great chance for a couple of young guns to rake in some much needed points and squeeze them into US Open qualifying or main draw contention.

Gstaad – ATP (250)

Official Site: Here
Draw: Here
Top Seeds:
Nico, Stan, The Youz, FeVer

The clay season: yes it goes on and on my friends. What guys like Youz and Feli are doing in Switzerland instead of preparing for the hard court season, a surface they should prefer, is beyond me. But hey, it sure is pretty there, no?

Regardless, Gstaad has one squeaky clean looking draw. All eight seeds are in the top 50, and six of them are from Spain. Have fun, you silly clay rats.

Umag – ATP (250)

Official Site: Here
Draw: Here
Top Seeds:
Chela, Dolgopolov, Ljubs, Marin

The most surprising thing about this tournament? Mr. Clean Ljubicic is ranked above Marin Cilic. Dude. Get it together.

Otherwise, it’s similar to the above, minus some of the bigger, more recognizable names. Still, there’s some solid clay players and others of intrigue (JCF, Haase) that make this tournament worth watching.

Los Angeles – ATP (250)

Official Site: Here
Draw: Here
Top Seeds:
The Fishy One, Delpo, Baggy, Thomaz

Unfortunately there isn’t quite the depth to the Los Angeles tournament that we might be used to, but there sure are some sweet match-ups. First round? Dimitrov/Haas. Gonzo is here too, after a pretty fantastic Wimbledon, all things considered. The Tryin’ Ryan American combo of Sweeting/Harrison is also here, taking on Somdev and Berankis in the first round respectively.

29 Jul 2010

It’s tough being a huge tennis fan, having massive interest in a tournament… and not being able to watch it. Luckily the coverage around the net for Stanford has been outstanding (massive understatement) but the one key part missing has been that the rest of us haven’t actually seen anything on the courts. And we won’t be able to until tomorrow. It’s kind of the reason this blog has been a little quiet over the past couple of days. So I thought I’d just sum up a whole bunch of random thoughts in a big post. Y’all know where the sweet coverage is this week.

  • Fantastic win for Ana against the big hitting Kleybs. Ana has been a near guaranteed loss against big hitters of late (sorry girl, tis true) and to come through is pretty huge. Also hearing her acknowledge that she’s clearly had troubles in closing out matches late, and she’s working on it, is great. And of course her new fitness. Girl looks good physically, hope her game looks just as good. Don’t count her out against Mono tonight.
  • Muzz is done with Miles. Apparently the two drifted so far apart it was a pretty easy decision. Rumours are flying that he’ll begin start working with Killer Cahill soon. In my honest opinion, and as a Muzz fan, that would be a pretty brilliant move. While Cahill worked with Agassi just like BG, Killer has a more calming, cerebral approach that I think would really work with Muzz’s personality. Personally, I’d love to see that happen.
  • Lindsay Davenport and partner Liezel won their first dubs match together yesterday in Stanford over Believe Oudin and Krajicek. I had a dream two nights ago that Davenport won the French Open over Agi Radwanska, 6-0, 6-1, and I was really confused because I seemed to have remember one of the semifinals being Kim/Justine and I didn’t understand why one of them wasn’t in the final. I wish I was making this up.
  • Great to see Baggy looking more fit as ever (again, it seems) and getting into the quarters in LA. On a side note, what is Muzz doing playing his opening match, as the top seed, on Thursday night? How does a tournament wait until Thursday to get their top seed in action? I know Sammy Q played yesterday, but yeesh.
  • Gulbis and Tursunov are playing dubs in LA. And they won their first match. Just throwing it out there, ladies.
  • Sorana Banana beat Akgul in her opening match in straights, and beat Portoroz finalist Larsson today 6-4, 6-4. Come back to me, girl. She served at 67% and won 63% of points off her first serve. Goooood.
  • There still isn’t anything remotely exciting happening in Gstaad or Umag.

Now you know! Hoping to catch whatever matches TTV decides to play tomorrow from Stanford, and hopefully the rest of the tournament after, so should be lots of postage this weekend.

Thanks to Love All from your home of the best Stanford coverage in all the land, Forty Deuce, for the Dani pic.

Blah Blah Blake Sheep

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26 Jul 2010

“I’m feeling great, the knee is good.”

Remember Lames’ whining after Wimbledon, about how his knee was crap and he wasn’t sure if he’d continue much longer? Well he’s now enthusiastic again, reports the Los Angeles Times. Blah says he wants to get his rank up so he doesn’t have to rely on wildcards, the knee is fine, and he’s feeling good. Ugh. Whatever. You’re old dude. And your brand of tennis is semi-suicidal at that age. Really.

Also serious epic lulz to the pic that the LA Times used in their article. Thanks to his shirt size, it makes him look like he’s about 300 pounds. Blah is in action this week in, you guessed it, Los Angeles.

25 Jul 2010

WTA – Stanford (Premier)
Stanford WTA

Official Site: Here
Draw: Here
Top Seeds:
Superhero, Elena, A-Rad, Mono, Masha

Pretty fun draw in Stanford to kick off the US Open Series for the ladies. While it does have a few holes and a lot of qualifiers, there’s some big names that are going to throw down some serious competition later in the tournament. There’s some pretty fun first round matches too, with a wee bit of history. Dinara/Kimiko, Ana/Kleybs, Shahar/Dani, CanWoz/Mel (please win, Aleks) and Mono/Harkleroad. Yes, you read that last one correctly. Winner of Dinara/Kimiko gets Elena in the second round. You’ve also got Sam, Masha, A-Rad, Wicky and Vika. That’s some seriously big hitting right there (well, except for you A-Rad, but that’s ok, you’ll still win some matches somehow anyway). Looking forward to it.

Oh, and if for some reason you were born on the moon and missed that Forty Deuce has a press pass and is blogging from Stanford this week, make sure to bookmark that shit and check it. Often. She’s already got some epic stories from the draw and practice courts, as well as some kickass pics and videos of Masha, Sam, and others practicing. And that’s just day 1. Get on it.

ATP – Los Angeles (250)
Los Angeles ATP

Official Site: Here
Draw: Here

Top Seeds: Muzz, Q-Man, Marcos, Feli
Pretty dece draw, no? Curious to see how Muzz kicks off his hard court swing, and nice to see Baggy back in action. Some solid floaters (mostly Americans), and of course Muzz/The Power of Curls possible quarterfinal is mega juicy for a 250 event. Sweet. A tournament to keep an eye on.

ATP – Gstaad (250)
Gstaad ATP

Official Site: Here
Draw: Here
Top Seeds:
Youz, Nico, Thomaz, Montanes

Why must these tournaments happen? A 250 clay event in Switzerland at the end of July? I mean come on. WTF are you doing, Youz? Playing on clay when you could start your hard court swing in America? Silly pants. I get that there’s the clay guys and the journeymen and all that but… bah. Moving on.

ATP – Umag (250)

Official Site: Here
Draw: Here
Top Seeds:
Kolya, Melzer, Ljubs, JCF

Did I mention that I have a shorter attention span, and asking me to keep track of 5 tournaments in one week is kind of a bit too much to ask?

WTA – Istanbul (International)
Istanbul WTA

Official Site: Here
Draw: Here
Top Seeds:
Franny, Kvitova, Pavs, Slava

A new hard court event in Istanbul that was supposed to be featuring Serena? Right. Though Sorana is playing. Please just win a match girl. Maybe two. You’ve got some big time points to defend over the next month.

9 Aug 2009

Photobucket Uploader Firefox Extension

Or I guess an old one! Way to go Elf! Dude wrapped up his second Washington title in as many years in a serious statement match, beating Dick 36 64 76(6). I didn’t see the match (as Twitter as revealed, I’ve been in Toronto (Jays won!) so I’m behind on the blogosphere) but apparently Elf won it on a challenge and the match ended really awkwardly at the net:


Awesome. Continuing down the candy land trail…

Photobucket Uploader Firefox Extension

While it doesn’t actually look like Flavs won, she did! Batman beat Sammy Superhero in two easy sets and apparently was playing fantastically smart and consistent. She’ll enter the top 10 and be the first Italian woman to ever do so jump up a couple spots in the rankgings to number 12, pretty awesome. Nananananananananana Flaa-aavs!

Bananas For All!

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7 Aug 2009



She started the match by being broken. She fought to get it back, and take the first set to a tiebreak, which she won. She started having foot problems in the second set, and was crying at the end of the set. Sven came on and calmed her down. She came back out, improved her movement, kept fighting, and got things to 4 all. She was then broken, the Iron Chef serving for the match. She looked like she was ready to give up, but once again, Sven came out and told her to keep putting pressure on A-Rad, especially paying attention to second serves. He ended it by saying “you’re gonna be a winner”. I’m pretty sure he meant in her career, not necessarily the match, but he was very likely right about both.

Girl came out and miraculously broke A-Rad’s serve, held, and after a couple of match points at 56, she fired a huge shot down the line to take the final set, and the match 76 16 75, in two and a half hours.


I like A-Rad, but I’m a fan of Banana, and an even bigger fan now. It was almost like watching a goofy sports movie, except this time you didn’t know the end. She looked ready to give up, hell, retire at the end of the second set. But the calm and knowledgeable coach/demigod calmed her down, convinced her to keep going. He did it again at 56 when all hope seemed lost. And then she somehow pulled the match out.

The girl has serious game. Huge forehand that she can really crack, especially on second serve returns, and a pretty consistent and reliable backhand. Blasphemy, possibly, but both her serve and forehand remind me of the Ana of old at times, just that she gets a little less power and is maybe a little less wild, because she isn’t as tall and lanky. She also seems to be the sort of middle ground between conservative counterpuncher Caro and flailing power-mad Licky. Disappointing result for the Iron Chef, however, who has lost 8/8 of all quarterfinals she’s reached this year. Freakin’ blows.

Banana will take on the winner of Superhero/JZ which is coming up in a few.


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7 Aug 2009


Well surprise surprise. Nat. Ana lost. I don’t much care to talk about these results a ton, cause I’m mega late cause of work, and there’s plenty o’ exciting matches happening today to look forward to.

Can’t honestly say I thought Ana had a shot. Sam did beat ReRe last week (regardless of her caring or not) and has been playing solid of late. In case you haven’t noticed, Ana has not. The one bright spot was that Ana was serving around 70% for the match, I was really thinking if she could keep her serve around there, she could get some serious game going. Apparently not. Such fail. Can’t say I have a damn thing else to say, because the forehand on the live scoreboard looked fine.

Image Source,Photobucket Uploader Firefox Extension

DO NOT WANT. Licky withdrew early in the second set after dropping the first one to Banana, with a hurt right shoulder. Shoulder is the last thing you want fucking with you when you’re a power player relying on a solid serve. I couldn’t decide who I wanted to win that match, I love em both. Banana moves on to play the Iron Chef. Dina also lost, blows, was in bed when it started, so no idea what happened other than it was three sets. At least it was JZ, who rules. Here’s the OOP for today.

STADIUM start 12:00 noon
S Cirstea (ROU) vs [8] A Radwanska (POL)
Not Before 2:15 PM
[14] J Zheng (CHN) vs [13] S Stosur (AUS)
Not Before 8:00 PM
U Radwanska (POL) vs M Sharapova (RUS)
[10] F Pennetta (ITA) vs [2] V Zvonareva (RUS)

Sorry Masha fans, go U-Rad!

RIP Yesterday

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6 Aug 2009

We hardly knew ye. What a travesty that there were no streams or coverage to of ANY LA action yesterday. Bitchfest 09 Throwdown happened between Vika/Masha and Sugar and …not spice, what’s another word for sugar?… went afterwards with Caro/Banana. And no one saw either of these epic matches, despite the probably 40 people in the stands. Yeah, ok.

Image Source,Photobucket Uploader Firefox ExtensionImage Source,Photobucket Uploader Firefox Extension

Let’s just be honest for a minute. Both of these players are extremely competitive. They’re both extremely good. And they’re both pretty interested in throwing as much bitchiness and kitchen sink at you as is necessary. This is one of those matches that makes most people giddy, just for the possibilities of ridiculousness. And I think its one of the matches that, despite who wins, you kind of have to feel overall satisfied with at the end of the day.

I followed the first set on the scoreboard, and it opened with 4 breaks. The serving percentages and stats were pretty hilarious and ridiculous to start with, but both players started shaking off the rust and I’m sure started firing big time. Masha finished with 63% first serve and Vika with 73%, though they had a combined 19 double faults and only 5 aces. Vika edged out the first set in the tiebreak, but Masha managed to take the next two, 64 62. By the sounds of it, she was really fighting and just came out tougher on the mental side of things, which, lets be honest, isn’t very surprising. Masha is beyond resilient, and Vika has been known to lose her shit (and racquet) at points and it sounds like all three happened. Epic hilarity on the night comes from the beginning of the second set (I think that’s when it was, maybe during the tiebreak) when some baby started crying, and the mother had to rush it out of the stadium, and both players were super not impressed, particularly Vika (can’t blame them, mind you). Pretty hilarious, cause I had actually thought this up, a month or so ago, because I know how pissed people get at any type of musical performance, when there’s any kind of excess noise. Masha provides the quote of the night from her presser:

“Did I hear the baby?” she asked. “My mother in Russia heard the baby.”

Ah, welcome back indeed.

Image Source,Photobucket Uploader Firefox ExtensionImage Source,Photobucket Uploader Firefox Extension

In the second night match, Banana edged out Caro in the third set tiebreak, 16 64 75(5), in the battle of the Adidas dubs BFFs. Pretty heart breaking loss for Caro, but a great win for Banana. Girl is finding some serious consistency, methinks, and its allowing her to play a bit of a power game and really contest some of the bigger name players (praise be to Sven, anyone?). She’s up to 28th in the world, and I wouldn’t be surprised to see her crack the top 20 post-USO. This negates the “I’m not uugh invisible” rematch, but does setup a showdown between two of my favourite youngins, Licky and Banana, who go today. And of course, in typical tragic fashion, no one will see it. I’m not even sure who I want to win in that one, they both rock.

In other results, CHAK WON AGAIN, beating Kleybs in three. (And by the way, I figured out pretty well all of my “nine favourites” (or so) are all in this tourney) U-Rad upset Domi, which is freaking awesome, also in three. Dina > Dani, Superhero, Flavs, Nads, Agi “Iron Chef” Radwanska, JZ, and A-Bond all won, and Nails beat CanWoz, which is actually not an upset rankings wise (sad face regardless).

Here is the OOP for today. Special note to Ana/Superhero, U-Rad/Nails, and Chak/Iron Chef. I quite literally like or love all the players on the left side of the draw. This entire tourney is so auto-win its hilarious.

Ya Gotta Believe

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5 Aug 2009


Its safe to say that having Sven on your side is a serious bonus in life. Its another thing when he’s your coach. Ana fought through a serious battle, being up a double break in the first set she blew one, and squeaked out of it 64. She went on to have a tough tight second set, where apparently King’s serve started frustrating her, and lost it 46. But ya gotta fight, and ya gotta fight, and she kicked out the third set pretty easily, thank Sven, 61, and took the match. Tough to expect too much from a first match since Wimbley, especially when her opponent was serving around 70% or the high 60s for a lot of the match. Ana’s serve was unfortunately still causing her tons of problems, serving in the 50s with lots of wonktastic ball tosses. GoToTennis’s total fist pump to wonky ball toss court was 17 vs. 16. That’s a lot of messed up tosses. But better than just wildly hitting them into the net, I suppose.

Lots of other awesome results around the lady draw, with most of the favourites winning. First up, U-Rad (no, I did not have dinner with her in my dream last night…) thrashed Julie Coin (can I start calling her Dubloon?) 1 and 2. Banana also owned up super mega annoying Burrito in straight sets, and will play her BFF Caro tonight, last on centre court, which I will likely miss due to having to be up at an ungodly hour tomorrow, but there’s probably not going to be a stream either, so meh.

Dani knocked out American up and comer Oudin in three, CanWoz dinged out American Bethanie 75 75, and MaKiri actually won a damn match! Bepa, JZ, Superhero, Ms. Licky and Nails all won too.

Mono also showed up for a bit to do some press stuff. Possibly because since she originally said she was going to play it, she has to. That or she wins one tourney, and she’s a celebrity. Either are pretty lame.

4 Aug 2009

Unless you’re tennis star Maria Sharapova. Girl pretty well has it made, tons of fans, and also kicked ass last night, 60 64 over Groth. Oh wait… she said? Me confusey. Regardless, I’ve been told I would get more blog hits by posting more Fergasm and Rafa shirtless pics. While this is likely true, I’d like to take the similar but opposite approach…

Image Source,Photobucket Uploader Firefox ExtensionImage Source,Photobucket Uploader Firefox Extension

Mmm, yummy Masha leg. GoToTennis is pretty well the place to be right now for LA, they’ve got some awesome coverage and pics. Other results from the two American tournies….

Chak won! WOOT! She beat Gypsy in straights, and I honestly think the girl is on the verge of a comeback. She gave Venus and JJ runs for their money earlier in the year, and despite stumbling in some matches, she’s really just a step away from cracking through in a couple of tournaments and giving that ranking a bit of a bump. Speaking of ass kicking, Lena V destroyed Agi Szavay with a breadstick and a bagel… um, woah. KKanepi lost to Safarova, and continues to struggle, and my STUPID suicide pool pick Franny lost to American qualifier Jill Craybas. Seriously? Fail.

ATP was pretty well being itself on the hard courts, as per usual, with basically all the bigger name favourites winning, including the Youz, Tree, Ginepri, Rusty Lawnmower, and Fancy Dancy! Bigger names all have byes and will get underway tonight and tomorrow.

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