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5 Aug 2010

Some new gold from Matty C:

“I like and think Jankovic brings a lot to the tour but she has to stop whining about injuries after every loss. Here’s what Hantuchova said, with her eyes rolling, although she wouldn’t specifically comment on JJ: “If you can’t play then don’t play, but don’t complain afterward.” So true.”

And on Twitter: “Kuznetsova when asked JJ & injury excuses: ‘When I played in Miami I injured my shoulder & I saw stars in my eyes. I cannot blame that my shoulder was the reason that I lost. If you are injured you forget it and you go out there and you play. If you complain in press, that’s how people are going to judge. When fans read our press conferences they know who is who”

Love him or hate him (remember he was the one who asked Roddick how he would feel the next morning) the dude knows how to dig up the gold. It’s one thing for us non-pros to sit and debate and issue, but when fellow players are willing to comment, and are blunt about the subject, you know something is up. It’s very similar to the Serena issue; her not giving credit to opponents after a loss, etc. It’s fine to say that you didn’t play your best, but give credit where it’s due. The whole JJ thing is beyond the boy who cried wolf, really. Oh, and from what I’ve heard, Kleybs played out of her mind last night. So there’s that.

More Kuz gold!

She can’t get Momes to coach her, so she’s getting Momes’ former coach! Loic Courteau? That’s gotta be the best tennis name behind Smashnova. “Hit the court, Courteau!” Anyway… I was lucky enough to see Kuz and Momes play dubs together last year in Toronto (getting their asses kicked by the would be champions) and they were just about the cutest, most hilarious thing ever. Maybe in a couple years, Momes will miss it too much, and make a return as Kuz’s coach. That would rule the universe.

How Non-WTA Of You

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21 Jun 2010

How’s that for some weirdness? For a first day of a slam, the dudes were filled with more drama than people knew what to do with… and the ladies pretty well showed up, took care of business, and went home. That’s some scary stuff.

No, L-Rob didn’t win, but since this will be her only match, I figured she deserves some respect to get a pic in here somewhere. Hell, nothing else fun happened. She lost 6-3, 7-6(5) to the former world number 1. Not an embarrassing scoreline whatsoever. Sucks that she can’t get just one main draw win under her belt, but hell. Plenty of time for that.

The one major upset (notice how I didn’t use the word “surprise”) comes from Ms. French Open, Franny, who lost to big hitting Dushevina in three sets. This… really doesn’t surprise me. Or probably any die hard fan. I mean, it’s Franny. On grass. Yeah.

The only other seed to lose was the 34th seed, K-Bond, to Hungary’s Greta Arn (wut?). All others won, most in straight sets, including Kim, Venus, Nads, Justine, Shahar and Kiri. Oh, and CanWoz won too, which is a yay.

7. Jelena Jankovic

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20 Jun 2010

Weapons: Excellent movement, consistent play, successful year.
Weaknesses: “Lacks a weapon”… for grass, has failed to find success on grass.

Did you know Wimbledon is the only tournament where JJ has failed to get past the fourth round? She’s made at least the semis in all other slams. Regardless, JJ’s consistency, dominance over lesser players, and solid year cannot be ignored. Or the fact that it’s the WTA. If JJ can keep her first serves in, play with some grit and really go for stuff (yes JJ, I’m talking about that down the line backhand) she might be able to beat the fourth round curse. Otherwise, she may suffer a similar fate as Caro.

Throwin’ Down

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13 May 2010

While the Friday matches for the ATP look promising, girls just wanna have fun, and there’s a bitchfest galore tomorrow in Aravane/JJ. Aravane “Gooooold!” Rezai made comments earlier in the year about JJ’s sports(wo)manship, and well, JJ don’t forget, y’all. She’s also gotten her act together, as she only lost 2 games against AMG. Aravane beat Petkovic in straights.

In other entirely predictable, straight sets news, Superhero Sam kept rolling against Patty, Nails was nails against A-Bond, and Shahar beat Parra Santonja.

The Daily Soaps

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12 May 2010

Take it away, Serena…

“I wasn’t moving my fastest but all I could do was try and do the best I could. I don’t know. I definitely wasn’t at my best,” said Williams, who criticized the tournament for its scheduling. “This isn’t a player-favorite tournament, just to be honest. None of the players are really gung-ho about playing here.”

(From Yahoo). For those who didn’t see, the Serena/Nads match was a huge slugfest, with some really great fighting from Nads (including a service hold at 1-all in the second set that was a big turning point) to take the match in 3 sets. Serena, oddly enough, didn’t look too apathetic come the third set. She was frustrated and looked flat out of solutions.

Do I even need to explain why this is stupid? Serena was probably tired from her other match, and was flat out beaten by Nads. And instead of the typical “well I gave the match away” it’s “well no one actually likes it here anyway”. It’s a premier mandatory tournament… and your number 1 seed is bashing the tournament. Just great for the sport. At least the good news is that it’s pushed two weeks forward next year and Rome is turned into a 10 day joint even in this spot next year.

Meanwhile, JJ was keeping the Serbian sisters rivaly alive:

Original Video – More videos at TinyPic

Screw off.

All in all, a pretty ridiculous day. The other two matches included Venus coming back from being down a set to Franny to win, and Lucie hanging on by her toe nails to beat Dulgheru in the third set, 7-6(6).

Party Like It’s 2008

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7 May 2010

“Let’s be honest, we both know that I gave you the match.”

OK so maybe Serena didn’t say that at the net… and maybe if she did, she might actually have a point this time around.

It was a match filled with as much drama as you would expect a JJ/Serena match to have. Great shot making from both players, some long rallies… and some (as Jason Goodall said) “patches of inconsistency.” The dude sells the game better than I do.

Serena broke to get to 5-4, had match point on her serve… blew it. Served for it at 6-5, blew it. Was up 5-2 in the tiebreak… and lost the next 5 points. Wut? Serena? Really weird.

Huge win for JJ though, who continues to roll, and is the big favourite going into the final. She’s even a up there in contending for RG. Who woulda guessed that?

Oh yeah, and this:

“I’m not Justine.” Ah. Classy. Can they play each other in RG please?

The JJ Syndrome

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22 Mar 2010

You know people who have near death experiences, and then come back fully revived with a new appreciation for life? Or an unhealthy person who almost dies of a heart attack, and does a complete overhaul of what they eat afterwards? We might as well start calling that the “JJ Syndrome”.

JJ looked well on her way to another confusing tournament. If you remember, last year she lost to PAvs early, who was a no one at the time. This year it was Errani, the tiny Italian, who was up a break for nearly the entire third set in their third round match. However, JJ kept calm, refocused, and pulled the thing out of her ass. She then went on to win the next 8 sets that she played (oddly, by a score of either 6-4 or 6-2 for all of them) and took the championship. And beating Shahar, Kleybs, Sam and Caro with those scores isn’t exactly a walk in the park.

So props to JJ, who showed the world (in other words, proved me wrong) that she CAN have streaks of consistency, and when she chooses to kick it into high gear and attack, can be one hell of a wall.

And really, it showed the real weakness of Caro’s game: not being able to defend the big hitters. Sure she can push weaker opponents around the court, but her inability to finish points (partially due to the lack of a big forehand, and REALLY due to her lack of volleying skills which keep her from moving in) cost her big time. Saw some people accusing Caro of not having a “plan B”. Not true. Girl had a perfect idea of what was going on out there. She just couldn’t do a damn thing about it.

Anyway, props JJ. As much as I might hate to say it, you really deserved this one.

Back, Bitches

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20 Mar 2010

For those who follow me on Twitter, you’ve seen that I’ve had a whole lot of homework (read: complaining) to do. The majority of it is done, however, save for exams at the end of April. Which means I have tons of time to blog and not feel guilty! Heyo! So I should be back until the next time I have way too much homework. So like, November.

Watched the Caro match last night, really solid win, A-Rad is a player who she SHOULD beat. Also have go give props to the JZ/Caro match the other night, which was one of the most high quality WTA matches I’ve seen all year. JZ’s backhand was on fire, and the whole thing was just a total war. Regardless, Caro looks like she’s trimmed down a bit, put on some muscle, and it’s starting to pay off. Glad she’s not turning into JJ from last year. Speaking of which…

JJ has really proven herself this week, in my eyes. I didn’t see her matches against Kleybs or Superhero Sam, but both those players looked on their games (especially Sam, who hadn’t dropped a set all tournament) but JJ took both of them out. So word to that woman. Hard to save the favourite in the final is, really. JJ has beaten much tougher opponents… but Caro is looking hella determined. Regardless, great tournament for both.

The Fuck?

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3 Mar 2010

Jankovic Monterrey

JJ dropped out in the opening round of Monterrey to some human being by the name of Anastasija Sevastova in 3 sets. Ana fans can at least be hopeful, with her new coach and all that, and even though she can’t toss a ball, I’m pretty sure she could beat the 72nd ranked player in the world (pretty sure.) These girls really need to figure out what the hell is going on. JJ is far from the automatic player she used to be.

And in other saddening news, Sorana Banana was dumped out by Errani 2 and 3 and has won one match on tour all year. Girl, it’s March. Sigh.

Fed Cupalicious

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7 Feb 2010

Whole lotta Fed Cup was going on this weekend. Due to my generally mad schedule and amount of homework, I was only able to catch arguably the most interesting tie, Russia/Serbia.

Unfortunately, it really comes down to Ana, who was unable to win a set in either of her singles matches, or in the doubles. It’s too bad really. After being blown away in the first set by fellow RG champ The Kuzonator, she played a solid second, but ended up collapsing at the end… and pretty well did the exact same thing against Kleybs. How JJ managed to win both of her matches is beyond me.

The doubles was a shit show, naturally. Ana and JJ were all smiles… and then JJ nearly laughed herself off the court after she almost served into the WRONG SERVICE BOX. The good news was that Ana and JJ probably haven’t had that much fun on a tennis court in months. And that they were almost as cute as Muzz and L-Rob at Hopman Cup. The bad news is that Kuz knew what she was doing, and Serbia’s crap serving and volleying, and JJ’s still confusing and terribly timed backhand couldn’t stand the test.

Other winners are the USA over France, who without Momes, Gypsy, Mono… or really anyone, fell prey to Mel (who actually won a tennis match?) and friends. Defending champs Italy downed the Ukraine Bond sisters, and the Czechs dinged out a Sabine-less Germany.

And for a chance to play for World Group I, World Group II winners include Australia over Spain, Belgium over Poland, Estonia over Argentina, and the Czechs Slovaks over China.

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