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19 Oct 2013

Over the past couple of years, I have consistently told myself at the end of every season that next year will be the year I return to my original blogging roots of posting much more often. While I have done some fun, longer form pieces over the past couple of years, this has never really happened, largely due to life being a bit crazy, moving to a new country (and moving back) and more. I can safely say that next year is going to be different, and the plan is to layout a pretty consistent style of posting. This will make things both easier for me and for you, the reader. You will know what you’re getting. Here’s the lay of the land, including both new and old posting formats…

The Bakery

The Bakery will be your one stop shop for all of your quick match review needs. These won’t be long, deeply tactical posts. Simply the odd tactical trend, key points or stats from a match and general thoughts on both players and their current form. Readable, interesting, and quick.

Monday’s Mailbag

Over the course of doing the podcast, we have often asked for questions, received some excellent ones, and not had enough time to get to them. I love the conversations I have on Twitter with people, and love continuing the discussion in longer forms. This will be a great way not for me to just answer questions, but to have a way to flesh out ideas in more than 140 character bursts. The plan is to have a post every Sunday asking for questions (you can leave a comment, e-mail or tweet them) and I’ll pick the best 5-8 depending on length and answer them sometime on Monday. I’ve always wanted to attempt my own mailbag and am looking forward to it!

A Drunken “Live” Blog…

Quite literally one of the craziest ideas I’ve ever had.

1) Pick a classic match to watch in its entirety. I’m thinking Nadal/Federer at Wimbledon, McEnroe/Borg, Nadal/Djokovic at Madrid, Federer/Safin… and maybe even that Cirstea/Wozniacki match I saw in Toronto.
2) Plan well ahead. I’ll pick a match and a time well in advance.
3) You can play along! The hope is to write text “updates” in a live blog format, but also have a chatbox type thing embedded on the blog, so if you want to watch the match as well, we can chat about it while it’s “happening”.
4) Enjoy fine beverages in the style of the amazing Drunk History videos (now a popular TV show).

Of course, since the match isn’t actually happening, the “live” blogs won’t be incredibly long, will include the scores in updates and be readable after the match has been watched at any time (and hopefully be a bit funny, too, obviously). I’m hoping to do one of these in December as a test run.

Tomorrow’s Picks

I’m still debating whether or not to do this, but the idea will be to pick three matches of the following day in which I feel most confident about the winner. Ideally, you could use them in a combo bet and get SUPER RICH obviously. Or just read a quick preview of tomorrow’s action. These would be incredibly brief but hopefully helpful, if you catch my drift.


Duh! The podcast isn’t going anywhere. Monday wrap-ups and some Thursday topic specific Nerdcasts with Juan Jose. We have received such positive feedback on this thing and it has been a thrill to talk tennis with such cool and fun people.

A Tactical Tale

I’ve done a couple of these and received a lot of great feedback, particularly the Simona Halep one. I use my 10 point guide to tactics (see above) and break down a player’s approach in a specific match. They’re quite meaty, but hopefully helpful and interesting. I will definitely look to do more of these next year, particularly during slams.

10 Things We Learned From…

Always a favourite of mine, these are a great way to recap a tournament, a week, or a specific player’s deep run in a tournament. Look for more of these.

Ponder the Racket

I’m not sure why I ever stopped doing these. Largely designed to empty my brain out, pose some questions, and toss out some rapid fire ideas.

And that is largely it! I can cover just about everything I want to with these post formats, and hopefully you as the reader will get what you’re looking for as well. Any comments, questions, or other ideas are more than welcome in the comments or on Twitter at @MindTheRacket.

Thanks, nerds!

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