Wimbledon Live Blog – Day 1

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25 Jun 2012

Stuck at work? Without Twitter? Need a place to follow along? Catching up? I’ve got you covered! I’ll be on Twitter as well, but this will be my place for catching up with all of the days action. Tell a friend! Comments welcome.

[7:10] What a win for Gulbis! Three tiebreaks, massive serving and great creativity. Huge upset that will destroy a bracket or two.

I’m off for the day! Thanks to all of those who read. I’ll be here every week day of the tournament. Tell a friend! See you tomorrow. The matches should be great.

[7:01] Kim through, 6-2, 6-4. Shaky at times but never any doubt. Some positive signs from Jankovic, particularly her backhand, which will serve her well on hard courts. Desperately needs to sort the forehand, however. Will not be good enough for the summer like that.

[6:57] Game Clijsters. On serve, as the clock is about to strike 7. I’m not sure why that is significant. Berdych has saved 3 match points, one with the help of hawkeye. Serving for a third set tiebreak.

[6:50] Messy from Kim. Very typical. Can play so fast. When stuff gets tight, it gets really tight. Struggles to hold, finally broken. JJ at 3-4.

[6:48] Positive stuff from JJ’s backhand. Good in offense and defense. Digging a lot out while coming forward, which is harder to do than it looks. Forehand is still failing her though, and struggling to get on top of points.

[6:40] Mentally, Lu hasn’t had it today. Hard to know if it’s tied with the groin issues or not. Still a lovely match with a lot of great shot making. Harrison in four sets. Novak next.

[6:32] JJ is playing better. Kim is still really good at tennis. Lu hanging in.

[6:18] Such an opportunity missed by Lu. First break points since the first set. Surely has to take those. Needs to keep believing in himself on the next return game. Clijsters in freak mode right now.

[6:14] Amazing lack of plan from JJ. Not sure whether to come to match, bash, or what. Being embarrassed by Kim. 6-2. Gulbis two tiebreaks to love versus Berdych. Wow.

[6:06] Another set with no break chances for Lu. Creating a bit on Harrison’s serve but a few too many errors. Big serving from Harrison, very confident on serve. Both players off to the washroom. Right. Clijsters up a break, 4-2.

[6:01] Pressure gets the Lu. Saves two break points, but Harrison manages to get a good serve back on break point, and Lu buries it into the net. Trouble. 5-4 Harrison. Clijsters in cruise control. As you were.

[5:58] Just incredible stuff from Kim. Amazing wrist strength, able to create such pace with spin out of nothing like no other. Such intelligent shots, too. Beautiful to see. Lu goes on a bit of a walk about but saves two break points. Very brave.

[5:49] 3-3 for Harrison and Lu. Knife edge. Sun heating up the court and the ball is speeding up. Still difficult to call. Break for Kim early on. JJ trying to mix up tactics, which is lovely, but she can’t volley worth a damn, so she’s well out of her comfort zone.

[5:42] Kim looking like Kim. First game. Playing as fast as ever. JJ has a solid dress.

[5:35] Truly such lovely quality of play on display. Grass court tennis as it should be. The sun is out too. Set a piece for Lu and Harrison. Gulbis takes the first set off of Berdych. Clijsters/Jankovic coming up on court 1.

[4:48] Definite discomfort from Lu. Walking gingerly. Still playing very well. I think he may have inspired a post from me. Will work away at it as I go here.

[4:41] First set for Lu. Fantastic stuff. Hurt his groin now though. Of course. Could be some mad drama on this court by the time the day is done.

[4:33] Odd. Lu misses an easy volley for a break. Harrison makes an error and tosses the racquet. Makes another error, very close but out. Asks to see the ball. Shows the up that there is chalk on it. “This is ridiculous. You guys are a joke.” Riiiiiiight. Wimbledon is a joke, and we’re all laughing at you, Ryan. Hold from Lu, and a fantastic hold from Harrison. 5-4.

[4:27] It’s matches like this that make me wish we had much more grass tennis through out the year. Lu small, but incredible footwork. Gets down to balls, and reacts quickly. Can never over think on grass. At the same time, Harrison a big(ger) hitter and scooping out forehands with pace. Very different set of skills.

[4:22] Really intrigued for Lu/Harrison. Players who have good grass games in very different ways. Watching now.

[4:15] After tossing a bagel in the second set, Tsveti “Pironkadonk” wins 5-7, 6-0, 7-5. Such an interesting player who combines a powerful forehand with tricky slices. Only really works on grass, clearly. Masha through too, now. They’ll play each other next round. Fun.

[4:02] You might want to flip on Isner/Falla. Falla up a break, 3-2. Remember he took two sets off of Fed here. This could be quite a long match.

[3:56] Fed warming up. Should be routine.

[3:53] Back! Nalby out. Tipsy gets Federer next. I don’t mind his chance to at least give Fed some trouble. Sharapova sorting it out versus Rod.

[3:22] Pretty quiet. Must be tea (or if you’re me, coffee) time. Sharapova about to toss a bagel. No other big names on besides Nalby/Tipsy which has some good shots left in it, but is largely fizzing out.

[3:10] Sharapova on court. Won’t have too many updates. She should overwhelm A. Rodionova quite easily. Former Wimbledon semifinalist (yes, actually) Tsvetana Pironkova down a set to Dolonc. Er.

[3:05] Second set Tipsy. 2-0. This one is probably over now.

[2:52] Venus is out. 6-1, 6-3 to Vesnina. Take nothing away from Vesnina who played very aggressively and went for it on every point. What you like to see on grass. At the same time, Venus looked very uncomfortable out there and looked lost for answers when risk taking didn’t work out.

[2:50] Venus holds. Vez to serve for it. Nalby holds too, barely. Tipsy to serve for a tiebreak.

[2:46] Nalby finally breaks! Bloody hell. So many openings in so many return games. Finally. 5-5.

[2:35] This is really great stuff from Vesnina. Looking to do something with every ball, not afraid of moving forward. As a good doubles player, volleying well and using it to her advantage. Not fading in this second set at all. Lovely.

[2:25] Venus Williams has arrived, but she has a lot of work to do. Easier holds a must. Likely to see Vez crack at some points as well. 1-2.

[2:15] Verdasco through. Finally.

[2:14] First set Vesnina. Absolutely devastating. Venus not playing well at all and moving terribly. Sad to see. 6-1.

[2:08] Not much of a surprise there. Youzhny figures it out, Young implodes. Done in four.

[1:58] Tough early break to Tipsarevic. Still think you need to look at the play not just the results, but Nalby needs to start taking some opportunities or this will be over quickly.

[1:50] Bomb show from Tipsy whose serve on the ad court out wide is simply unplayable. First set, 6-4.

[1:46] Set to Djokovic. Of course. Venus on court 2 versus Vesnina. Tipsy will serve for the first set. Nalby playing incredibly well, just not playing the big points well enough.

[1:41] Djokovic serving for it. He’s well figured it out. Nalby getting some break points but not taking them. Down 3-5.

[1:38] Djokovic settilng in. Looks great behind the first serve and the movement is improving. Was only a matter of time. 3-4.

[1:33] Gasquet through easily. His game always looks so lovely on grass. Verdasco will be through in straights. Tipsy up a break on Nalby. Good chance Youzhny will cruise, now up two sets to one. Pretty regular elsewhere. Smart scheduling.

[1:23] Shifting focus to centre court. Novak is still adjusting to grass and, well, looks total crap early on. JCF still not interested in hitting down the line, however.

[1:19] Radwanska through 3 and 3, but not very convincingly. Don’t think she will make a major impact on this tournament. Djokovic struggling to find a groove early on against JCF.

[1:10] Largely trying to keep things neat and tidy with so much going on right now. If you have any suggestions, please let me know in the comments!

[1:07] Djokovic on court. Second set Youzhny. Told you. Cirstea to serve for it at 5-1.

[12:58] Pretty quiet right now. Youzhny up a break in a match littered with moronic errors. 1pm matches starting soon, including defending champ Djokovic on centre.

[12:52] Pennetta’s Wimbledon is done. So is Martic’s. Great win for Lisicki who remained composed and upped her game. From then on it was smooth sailing. Veteran type stuff. Watch out.

[12:48] Li Na through 3 and 1.

[12:46] Stosur d. Suarez Navarro, 6-1, 6-3. Nice start for her. First set Verdasco, second set Benneteau. Giorgi serving for it versus Pennetta.

[12:42] Jinx! Lisicki finds her way into a Martic service game and gets the break. Really a great match from her. Needs to close this one out quickly with new balls.

[12:39] Real rhythm to the Lisicki/Martic match. Both finding their groove on serve, Martic particularly with the backhand. 2-3.

[12:37] Set and a break to Young, Gasquet, Li Na, Russell and Stosur. Verdasco to a first set tiebreak. Of course.

[12:34] First set Sorana, 6-4. Yeeeeeee. Plays Li Na if she wins.

[12:32] Potato Starchild retires against Ryan Sweeting. In reality he should probably just retire from grass court tennis all together.

[12:30] That’s an impressive first set from Donald Young. Real chance that match could be going on for some time. Verdasco failed to serve out the first set versus Wang. There is a lot going on there.

[12:28] Americans Russell and Sweeting with the first sets, by the way. Always thought Sweeting had a pretty big game. Definitely not a name you want to see drawn if you’re a journeyman at Wimbledon.

[12:26] Martic just entirely whiffed on a low ball over the net. Threw her arms up. Tends not to be a good omen.

[12:22] First set Li Na. Good start for her after giving up a break. Verdasco serving for the first.

[12:19] Never underestimate power in the women’s game. Four games in a row from Lisicki. Fantastic body language, Martic has gone into her shell. Not sure what to do with Sabine’s power, particularly the forehand. 6-4 to Lisicki.

[12:16] Break to Girgi. Of course. First set 6-4. Stosur up another break, Rad, Verdasco, Russell too. Sweeting first set over Potato Starchild, 6-4. My girl Sorana Banana Cirstea on serve 3-3. Gasquet up 2-5, Young trying to break himself at 5-3. Boom.

[12:11] Wow. Incredible confidence from Lisicki after a great service game. Absolutely crushing the forehand right now, and Martic is simply trying to slice and hit it to the Lisicki backhand to survive. Back on serve 4-4.

[12:09] Stosur serves it out versus CSN. 6-1. Not much to see there. Giorgi trying to versus Pennetta and fails. 4-5. Eep.

[12:08] It’s sunny and stuff! I didn’t know they had that kind of thing in England. Very fancy.

[12:07] You know there’s a problem when you’re being overwhelmed by a player half your size. Very little rhythm for Lisicki and Martic is punishing cross court with the forehand. Excellent back to front movement as well.

[12:03] Julien Benneteau is the first player to take a set at Wimbledon this year. 6-2 over Muller.

[11:59] Martic breaks and holds against Lisicki, up 1-3. For those wondering, I’ll always write my scores from the view of the server. Martic is winning, Lisicki serving, so 1-3. Martic is such a slender player, but you would never know it. Clearly full of confidence and going for the lines.

[11:57] 4-0 to Stosur against Suarez Navarro. As it should be. Pennetta trying to claw her way back in against Giorgi, serving at 1-4. Aaaaaand Benneteau up 4-1 on Muller, a match he should and likely will cruise through.

[11:53] I have youngsters Lisicki and Martic up now. This one has the potential to be fantastic. Very different styles that work well on grass. Lisicki hammering the ball as usual.

[11:48] Early trade of breaks for Young and Youzhny. May we all break a racquet on our foreheads. Amen. That might be a long one. Window shopping Li Na, who is striking the ball beautifully. Just broke Pervak, 2-0. And yes, I have an eye on Cirstea’s match. At least the score.

[11:40] Good morning everyone! Particularly those in a timezone similar to mine. I hope you have coffee.

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