The Week Ahead Podcast: Mini-Clay

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16 May 2011

As many of you have heard on Twitter, I’ve decided to flip my regular “The Week Ahead” posts into a podcast. This is my first test run. And I mean that. I’m still getting used to editing things, and it’s a bit strange talking to no one. At the same time, I edited it up so it goes pretty quick (it’s only 16 minutes) and sounds a bit like a Sunday afternoon radio program or something.

Hopefully you like it, I’m sure my Roland Garros one will end up sounding much more confident, and be a lot more interesting. This really was just meant as a test run so the RG one can be solid.

I can’t quite figure how to get it to my web disk right now (to eventually set it up with iTunes), but I’ve got it on Soundcloud. You can listen right on this site, or jump to Soundcloud to get a download of it. Thanks guys.

Music provided by Coheed and Cambria. If for some reason you haven’t heard of them, check them out, and if you have, please support.

MTR Podcast – May 16 2011 by Mind The Racket

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