Strong Is Beautiful

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12 May 2011

The WTA has launched a new advertising campaign “Strong Is Beautiful”, the first major one since “Looking for a Hero?” And I’m all for it.

To start out, the “Hero” campaign was definitely fun. Images of Ana, JJ, Masha and company running around and switching into Mighty Morphing Tennis Hotties was all good for possible new audiences. The problem with it was that it put the onus on the person watching the ad. It also did little for people who already were fans or planning on going. We weren’t looking for heroes, we all already have our favourite players.

And that’s where this new campaign comes in. I dare say that it’s in your face for the WTA, showing a variety of players mid stroke with bold, all caps STRONG IS BEAUTIFUL. To start, this just kicks ass. It grabs your attention. “Hey, look at these chicks kicking ass!” “Woah, sweet.”

At the same time, it also turns the “females in a male dominated sports market” on its head. To a certain extent, you can’t blame the WTA for trying to sell their sport through their players looks. Sports is a male dominated industry, there’s no doubt about it. The awesome part of this campaign, however, is that it’s far from “hey, isn’t Maria Kirilenko hot in a bikini?” Instead it shows the players in their “natural” beauty (in the sense that they’re swinging a racquet) and lets you know that their strength, determination, and skills on the court are what own. Are they photoshopped? Yes. Are they wearing outfits that would never be seen on a tennis court? Sure. But even ATP ads are photoshopped (what ads today aren’t?) and the outfits are, for the most part, tasteful and appropriate. Regardless, I bet a lot of the players would rather wear something nice in the shoots than their regular on court gear.

Nice touch having players speak in their native tongue, too. Vids after the jump.

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