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7 Apr 2011

It is with great excitement that I must announce… I’m baaaaaaack in the saddle again!

It’s been a rather grueling few months for me, finishing up my university degree, working, and trying to get tennis and sports watching in, let alone finding the time to blog. It really didn’t make sense for me to try and throw up posts every now and then just to keep this thing above water, so I let it sink a bit… Regardless, the essays are done, exams will soon be done, and I’m ready to get dirty (with clay, silly).

Regular programming will return, and I’m super pumped for Monte Carlo and the dirt. I’m also thinking about turning my Ponder The Racket tidbit series into quick 10 minute podcasts that I could do every once and a while, and would also encourage discussion, would be easy for everyone to grab via iTunes etc. etc. We’ll see.

Thanks for continuing to follow me on Twitter (@MindTheRacket) and I look forward to seeing a few more of you around here now that regular posts will be back up. Cheers everyone.

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