The Week Ahead: The Season Doth Begin

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1 Jan 2011

ATP & WTA – Brisbane (250 & International)
Brisbane tennis

Official Site: Here
Draws: Men & Women
Top Men Seeds: Sod, Dick, Fer, Fish
Top Women Seeds:
Superhero Sam, Shahar, Nads, Mono

The ATP side of things kicks off with some seriously big hitting. Thrown in the mix you also have Bags and Feli, as well as wildcards like Steps and Arnaud. It’s a pretty solid draw all around that should create some good match-ups fairly on in the tournament. If you’re itching to get back at things and are looking for some good early matches, Brisbane is definitely the way to go on the ATP side of things.

Things are similar on the WTA side of the coin as well. Sam, Nads, Pavs and Kleybs are all featured for some big babe hitting, not to mention Kvitova, Petko and JD. Also featured are Dani, Flavs, Domi and Polona. Maybe it’s just because I’m in tennis withdrawl (actually it’s likely entirely the reason) but this is a really exciting draw and should be fantastic once solid action gets under way on Monday.

WTA – Auckland (International)
Chennai atp

Official Site: Here
Draw: Here
Top Seeds:
Masha, Wicky, Kuz, Goerges

What to say, really. Nothing too exciting, but it will be interesting to see how Masha does. For those curious, Masha was offered a Sydney wildcard, but will apparently only bother to take it if she loses in the first round to CSN. So there you go.

ATP – Doha (250)
Doha tennis

Official Site: Here
Draw: Here
Top Seeds:
Rafa, Fed, Jo, Fuzzy Koala

Doha is much like it was last year, featuring Fedal and eventual champ Fuzzy Koala. Also, HOLY HELL IS IT GOOD TO SEE JO BACK OR WHAT?! We missed you. He’s got mad points to defend in Melbourne too, so good luck.

Otherwise the draw is pretty bare. A possible Rafa/Ernie quarterfinal, and guys like Jarkko, Ivo, and Kohls bumming around. Much like most ATP 250s, this probably won’t get good until the quarterfinals, but it should be damn juicy at that point. Keep an eye out during the week on how the top guns are doing.

ATP – Chennai (250)

Official Site: Here
Draw: Here
Top Seeds:
Berd, Marin, Stan, Richie

Chennai is likely the weakest draw out of all 3 ATP events this week. Never heard of it? Its home to a tiny 4.6 million people.

Anyway, the two guys to watch here are the top 2 seeds, Berd and Marin. They both really fell off in the second half of the season, and it’s especially important for Marin to kick things off right this season, as he has semi points to defend in Melbourne.

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