The Week Ahead: AO Men’s Preview

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14 Jan 2011

The time is nigh. A blank slate, a fresh list of serious contenders, and a whole lot of great tennis in front of us. Bring the noise.

Top Half – Rafa’s Quarter

The first seed is a coveted position for a reason, and Rafa has really reaped the benefits this time around. Possible fourth round match-ups for him could include Tree or Marin and a possible quarterfinal clash with someone like Nalby, Youz, or Ferru.

While there is definitely a solid chance that one of these guys might match Nadal’s game at some point, there’s slight chance that they will out last him (as long as Rafa is healthy). This should be pretty straight forward as far as slam quarters go.

Quarterfinal: Rafa vs. Nalby

Top Half – Sod’s Quarter

A significantly more juicy quarter than Rafa’s, this doesn’t only feature a possible Sod/Muzz throwdown, it features dark horses such as Baggy, Jo, and yes, Delpo. Jo is on Sod’s part and Baggy on Muzz’s, and I think both of those guys could be a very serious upset threat for either.

This is definitely going to be a quarter to keep an eye on for exciting matches early on for the men’s side, and what will likely be an eventual challenger for Rafa.

Quarterfinal: Sod vs. Muzz

Bottom Half: Nole’s Quarter

While this might appear to be a jam packed quarter, it’s really not entirely threatening to Nole. Berd, Kolya and Fer are all stuck in the top part of the quarter and Nole really only has Ivo, Viktor and Nico to give him trouble. That’s pretty money in terms of getting to the quarters.

As for the top half of this quarter? Well, Kolya/Fer could relive their amazing AO match of last year in the third round. Sweeeet… That, and no one really knows what bug has gotten into Berd’s head, or how to get rid of it. Huh.

Quarterfinal: Nole vs. Fuzzy Koala

Bottom Half – Fed’s Quarter

Fed has been in wicked form lately and trying to challenge him right now? Yeah, no. I’m not going to. It doesn’t hurt that his quarter is wicked easy.

Quarterfinal: Fed vs. Stan

I can’t believe I’m about to do this. It seems like a cop out. Like cheating. The easy path. But honestly? I’ve lined up draws before and come up with some seriously odd and nonsensical results, both on the ATP and WTA sides of things. But if things go as they should (which one would always moronically assume when drafting up such an arbitrary thing as this) then I really do think this is what will happen. So here we go.

Semis: Rafa vs. Sod, Fed vs. Nole
Final: Rafa vs. Fed
Champion Rafa (in 4 sets)

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