The Final Four

Posted by Brodie under: Australian Open

26 Jan 2011

So… who do you like?

This has been quite the Australian Open for the ladies, and at least for me, has blown the men’s out of the water in terms of compelling matches, match-ups, and just overall excitement. Especially with all the talk of no Serena… well, at the end of the day, Franny’s fighting spirit more than made up for it, and our final four are all highly deserving. The 1, 2, 3, and 8 seeds? No shit, eh.

In my ladies draw preview I went 5/8 with my quarterfinal predictions, pretty damn good considering it’s the WTA, and had a Kim/Bepa semi with Bepa taking it and then taking the whole title. From what I’ve seen from her, and a slightly inconsistent Kim, I’m tempted to stick with this. Though it might end up being more dependent on which Kim shows up.

As for the other side… don’t count either of them out. Caro could easily grind any of these three down, and an epic, Franny-like Nails run isn’t out of the question; she definitely has the experience and confidence. I’m going to say Bepa vs. Caro, with Bepa coming out on top. Daring! What are your calls, people? Hit me. These are exciting times.

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