Pic Me Up: Gunslingin’

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12 Jan 2011

Ana Ivanovic Practice

Can we all just be serious for a minute? This is the most fit Ana Ivanovic has looked in… oh, I dunno… Forever?

It was a less than ideal start to the season for Ana, who kicked off kicking ass in Hopman Cup, but unfortunately busted an ab and was forced to withdraw from the tournament as well as Sydney. The good news? Besides being in presumably solid form both physically and game-wise, she’s in the top 32 and will be seeded for AO, meaning she will avoid a brutal first couple of rounds and should be able to work her way into the tournament.

Beyond that, Ana is clearly busting some ass (thanks, Leather!) and has winning on the brain this 2011. If Melbourne doesn’t work out perfectly, that’s ok. Here’s hoping for some consistent results from Ana in 2011.

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