Now I Have Become Fed, Destroyer Of Worlds

Posted by Brodie under: Doha, Federror

9 Jan 2011

Roger Federer Doha

While Rafa spent the final 3/4 of 2010 conquering slams and taking on new followers, Fed was silently planning his coup back to power.

No, he didn’t beat Rafa (this year). But Fed is confident and more importantly, playing insanely well. Maybe it’s the hunger, maybe it’s the looming title defense (and 2000 points), and more than likely it’s the coach. Regardless, Fed is back with solid, attacking tennis and is feeling good. He’s got his mojo back.

Rafa will be getting a ton of attention in a week’s time, and I get the sense that that’s ok by Fed’s term. Saddle up people.

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