Any Given Fortnight

Posted by Brodie under: Caro, Sydney

11 Jan 2011

If there’s anything these two opening weeks have told us about the WTA, it’s what we already know: we know nothing.

Wait, what?

December 31st, 2010, I easily would have taken Caro, Vera, and Sam for their shot at AO semi berths (or better). Now? Well, I’m not too sure. Caro looks physically weak, uneasy, and distracted. Sam, though I haven’t seen her, has had strange results against opponents she should beat. Vera can be excused, after winning Hong Kong, and Flavia isn’t exactly a pushover… but how to know?

It’s a very different January for the WTA compared to the ATP, no? A few big names play some small events, others play exos, but generally you don’t know what to expect for the men. For the WTA, there’s Sydney, a Premier event that tends to attract quite a few big names. Ironically, those big names have fallen pretty fast.

Should we start frantically predicting a Belgian in the final? Maybe. Kim is always prone to a wonky day, but both Kim and Justine look solid early on and the absence or Serena doesn’t hurt. Overall, I think the WTA side of things is going to be hella exciting come AO. Top seeds are going to be up against some solid players very early on, and there should be some fantastically close matches early on. I’ve always been under the impression that the best matches of the first week of slams are on the WTA side, and the best matches of the second week are on the ATP side, and I think this should really ring true for AO. Keep an eye on those draws, they should get messy.

I’ll have a full draw run down of both the men and women once they’re posted. Looking forward to it, as they’re going to be hella important with no Serena and Sod as the fourth seed on the men’s side.

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