A Drunken Punchup At A Wedding

Posted by Brodie under: Hopman Cup, L-Rob

7 Jan 2011

Laura got hurt. Ana got hurt. C Note’s liver got owned. Curtis’ heart go killed. My devotion to the tennis gods got smacked.

Did I mention Fran got hurt, and Slava was already knocked out of the tournament early?

It’s times like these where the tennis gods really test us. I mean, really? Eight women came to this tournament, four walked away. It’s not even like you can blame the length of the season. Let’s be honest here, most ladies haven’t played since November or even October.

So instead of something epic, like NoleAna, or LaurAndy, or even a badass Fran, we get USA/Belgium. Don’t get me wrong, I’m all for hiked up socks, but this really isn’t what we should be having.

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