2010 MTR Wrap-Up: Hard Courts to USO

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23 Dec 2010

Rafael Nadal US Open

Stuff was generally pretty crazy in the month that followed Wimbledon which featured lots of random results. I also tried to figure what the hell hard courts are made of and the differences between the types. I also won P-Mac’s book which I’m about half way through and highly recommend.

The run up to the USO featured tons of fun stuff. Vika made quite a statement winning Stanford, Kuz and Nalby won some shiny vases. Ana started posting and did a damn fine job taking care of finals Sunday with Kim and Muzz. I went to Montreal and caught some practices and saw a top 5 WTA match of the year… that no one else saw.

Oh, and Delpo got Twitter.

The US Open was… well, generally speaking, kind of a mess. It did feature one crazy Fernando win as well as a gutsy Youz run. You know the rest.

The Good:

It would be easy to make fun of this guy… but I was basically doing the exact same thing, but minus the smoking and plus Rafa fist pumping. I even have that same kind of “woo-HOO!” phony cheer.

Easily one of the matches of the year, Nole saving match points against Fed in the US Open? After the general embarrassment that was last year? It was some serious heart that I didn’t think he had in him. Props, good sir.

The Bad:

Dick’s loss was… weird. Especially from where I was sitting (in the middle of a “capture the flag” game and frantically trying to keep up with my phone). He got all flustered by, guess what, a foot fault, after questioning the lineswoman about which foot it was. She unfortunately replied with the wrong foot… which of course isn’t entirely relevant because 1) the call was made and 2) that’s a bit of a scary question. Anyway, Janko played out of his eyeballs and the whole thing was apparently quite the mess.

The Ugly:

Vika’s collapse was something no one wants to see, and I’ll save Youtube linking it for that very reason. But if her wooziness against Serena at AO09 was tough to watch, this was about 10 times worse. HYDRATE, GIRL. AND EAT A BANANA.

The Hilarious: Rafa’s slam rum went from impressive to goofy.

During all 3 slams, I think it’s safe to say that he was never really in serious trouble and for most of them, was just cruising along and enjoying life. He now has the chance to achieve the “Rafa slam”, RG to AO. Yes, start getting used to it, because you’re going to be hearing about it for a few weeks.

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