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21 Oct 2010

– Sorry folks. I really wish I was around more. I really do. The good news? (Well, for you readers…) There’s a pretty solid chance that my university’s profs will be going on strike at the beginning of November… which means I might just be your one stop shop for everything Bali and Valencia! Word!

– A mere 900 matches into his career, Fed has never during a match. Ever. While we might not all be a huge fan of what the guy has to say off court, you’ve got to give him props for not only NEVER retiring during a match, but despite a few broken racquets here and a “I don’t give a shit” or two there, the guy is pretty composed and respectful on court. Yeah, I said it.

– Does the end of JJ’s season feel a bit like the end of Ana’s 2008 season? She’s been entirely MIA since a semifinal appearance in RG, and has the majority of her points from that tournament, her Indian Wells win, and her final in Rome. Along with a fourth round appearance in Miami, if she struggles early next year, she could be in serious danger of a plummeting rank come Roland Garros.

– I can’t help but think that Delpo should just call it a year. There will be plenty of tournaments pre-Australian Open to use to get ready for 2011. Though that won’t prevent me from screaming like a school girl if I see him on court again this year.

– How about Pico’s result in Shanghai? Great cap on what’s been a tough, injury dinged year for him. Tons of points that really set him up nicely going into 2011.

– Wertheim dug into TV coverage in his mailbag, but I still think there are more issues to be address in terms of attendance in Shanghai, as well as many of these post-USO tournaments. Why bother trying to find audiences in the United States etc. if you can’t even sell the tournament to the people living there?

– These things are fun. I wouldn’t be horrendously against people sending in questions, if they’ve got them/care what I have to say/will read the answers. Feel free to comment on this post, e-mail me at brofuju@hotmail.com, or tweet me. Just let me know you want it for this segment and I’ll bring it up the next time I do it.

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