Not This Shit Again

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14 Oct 2010

Andy Roddick

If I were Andy Roddick, I’d be scared of playing in Shanghai again. Seriously.

You guys remember how this tournament went for him last year? I’ll remind you. He injured his knee against Wawrinka and was out for the rest of the season missing the World Tour Finals.

I was hoping (I bet he was too) this year would be different. It started well. Andy cruised in the 1st round due to Kohls’ retirement. I didn’t watch his match but he was up a set when he got injured. He received medical treatment first and returned to the court with his right thigh taped. Unfortunately he couldn’t move properly and was forced to retire against Garcia-Lopez.

Same tournament. Same court.

After the match Roddick said “The past couple of days in practice, I feel like I’ve been kind of moving like an elephant, kind of slow, just trying to protect it,” Roddick said. “I strained it a little bit worse (today), and it was to the point where moving at all felt like I was getting stabbed in the leg. It’s really tough to get hurt or tougher to get hurt up a set and a break.”

This is a big blow in his bid to qualify to London and finish the year in the Top 10 for the ninth consecutive season. No one knows how serious this injury is or if it will keep him away for long. Roddick hopes to come back in time for Basel.

I feel really bad for him. Get well soon, Andy.

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