Every Match Is Another Story

Posted by Ana under: Shanghai

14 Oct 2010


Rafa lost. I know, we’re not very used to those two words combined but sometimes it happens.

Melzer defeated Nadal 6-1, 3-6, 6-3 and played some of the best tennis I’ve ever seen from him. First time he has beaten the Spaniard.
To be honest, at first I was shocked, but then I realized how much Rafa has played in the last couple of months. Going deep in pretty much every tourney he got in. No matter how strong you are, physically or mentally, sometimes it’s just too much. Now he gets to rest until Paris. No need to make any drama out of it. All good in Rafaland.

Anyways, huge props to the Austrian. He was aggressive and completely outplayed Rafa in the 1st set. There’s not much I can say about it. He was simply the best player today. One of things I really appreciated was how he approached the match. It’s always difficult to play against Rafa regardless of the surface but he was fearless and just tried to execute his game plan. There were moments of brilliant tennis. Some of the points Melzer won were the points we’re used to see Rafa winning.

It’s a nice reward for an amazing season. Career high of No. 12 and qualified for the WTF after winning Wimbledon in doubles. He reached his first Grand Slam semifinal in RG. First Austrian to do it since Muster won the title in 1995. Let’s not forget he came back from two sets to love and 0-2 deficit to beat Nole. I guess it’s never to late to make the most of your potential.

I’m just mad because Melzer’s win will prevent us from Rafa vs Pico quarterfinal and that’s just not right.

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