The More They Come, The More They Fall

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23 Sep 2010

Somewhat lost in the ZOMGDELPOISBACKpalooza, some rather depressing injuries.

Gonzo has really effed stuff up with his knee and is being shut down for a whopping nine months. Really too bad. Doubt he’ll retire, but gotta feel that he’s running out of time.

JZ is done for the rest of the year with a bum wrist. Which wouldn’t be so depressing if all of the tournaments for the rest of the year weren’t in Asia. Boo. Nails needs you girl.

Oh, and Monf is out of Metz with an adominal strain that he got after jumping out of bed in excitement and sliding into his dresser. At least that’s what I’m presuming it’s from. The actual unfortunate part of this is that Monf would have been defending the Metz tourney in hometown France. Boo.

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