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Posted by Brodie under: Kimmy, USO

8 Sep 2010

Last night was one hella intriguing match, specifically the first set. The equivalent of tennis porn, both ladies were smacking the crap out of the ball, Kim with her flat as hell blasts, and Sam utilizing some spin and a bit more angle. I really think it was a battle of the modern ladies’ power game and what could be the future of ladies’ power, using the spin in combination… but more on that later (as in a different post).

It was a shame that the match ended the way it did. The third set was full of breaks, save for a key, simple hold from Kim which allowed her to cruise to the victory. It’s pretty safe to say that Kim figured out Sam’s kick serve and patters and it was all down hill from there.

I have a bit of the same feeling about the ladies’ as I did last year. Kim beat Venus in the quarters fourth round, and took on Serena in the semis. The other half of the draw seemed painfully weak and it was pretty clear that the winner of the tournament was likely coming from the Kim/Serena half. While the other half of the draw (the one that’s playing today) isn’t nearly as weak as it was last year, it’s tough to think that a Caro, Bepa, or Kaia could take out Kim or Venus if the conditions are ok, and they come to play. Still, both can be prone to getting into bad ruts, and Bepa and Caro have been absolutely rock solid for weeks now, really. We should be in for a great finish.

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