Dare To Dream

Posted by Ana under: Ana, USO

3 Sep 2010


Ana won. Again. Into the 3r round after kicking Zheng’s ass.

What can I say? I am so pleased and proud. It’s great to have one of my favorite players doing good again after such a slump. There was a time I wasn’t sure if Ana was ever going to come back. Not because she wasn’t good enough or didn’t have the game but I felt she wasn’t totally aware of the magnitude of the problem. I always thought it was all mental and once she got that fixed, things would get better. It took a while. A lot of first round losses, many tears and sleepless nights, but she’s here now. And hopefully back for good.

She took out Zheng in 56 minutes. And it was AWESOME. If you follow Ana closely and watched her match, you know what I mean. She still needs to improve, but her fitness is much better, she’s more relaxed and with the serve working well, all of her game flows. There’re still a few wonky ball tosses but overall I’m impressed.

She converted 5/6 break points and was pretty much dictacting every point. The only time I noticed some nervousness from her was at 5-1 and serving for the set. She got broken but when she had the chance again, she closed out the set. From that moment on, Zheng really couldn’t do much. Ana was hitting winners, fist pumping like crazy (she’s so cute) and being all happy on court.

I honestly couldn’t stop smiling during the entire match. It’s amazing what a good team can do. Props to Heinz and Marija for the good work. It’s paying off. Btw, have any of you seen her interviews to ESPN and ES? Dear God, how adorbz was she?

I know I may look like an idiot being this happy, but the truth is, from now on, Ana can only go up. She already defended all the points until the end of the season! AJDE!!!

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