You Lied To Me

Posted by Ana under: Cincinnati

18 Aug 2010


I’ve followed tennis for a long time now and I have to say that what happened to Lu during his match against Hewitt was completely unacceptable. His chat with the umpire was one of the most absurd things I’ve listen in a while. I was shocked.
Long story short. Lu asked for a medical timeout at 5-4 in the 1st set but was told to wait until before his service game. He kept playing and lost the next 4 games going down 0-3 in the 2nd set. I still don’t quite understand what happened there but it seems the trainer again told him to wait until before his service again. Of course this ended up leading to the following conversation between him and the umpire.

– “Why I cannot call medical timeout now? Lu asked.
– “It’s up to him,” said the umpire, referring to the trainer, who was sitting courtside. “He decide if you need it now, if it’s urgent or it can wait.”
– “But I cannot move,” said Lu. “Also then [when the previous] set finished and he say you don’t need to take a medical timeout. And he just touched me for 20 seconds.”
– “I understand. He determines if it’s an injury that can wait or if it needs immediate attention. So…”
– “So if I say I have a heart attack I can’t call a medical timeout?”
– “If it’s a heart attack, he probably won’t wait.”
– “I have an injury and he cannot let me take medical timeout. What is this? I already wait three games.”
– “I understand that. He thinks you can wait one more game and then take a medical timeout… Our priority is that you get the medical timeout before your serve.”
– “So he can decide whatever he wants?”
– “He is a professional.”
– “But the important thing is how I’m feeling.”

Play resumed but after a couple of points Lu once again said “I’m in so much pain. I already waited three games. He told me, next changeover, we’ll take medical timeout.” He eventually received treatment on his back and said to the trainer “You lied to me.”

Ater the timeout he retired and apologized to Hewitt. I’m sure this wouldn’t have happened if it was a top player. I feel awful for Lu and I hope it never happens again. Everyone should be treated the same regardless of the ranking.

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