Smasha Basha Masha

Posted by Brodie under: Masha, Stanford

1 Aug 2010

It’s been a slow process for Masha, climbing back near the top of the mountain that is the WTA. Inactivity and a new service motion will do that do a person. Despite the double faults and bouts of inconsistency, Maria has shown that she’s belonged, dismantling lesser players and simply crushing and hitting through others. She was beating the players she was supposed to beat. The problem was the players that were going to stand more of an opposition. One thinks of Birmingham, where Maria cruised to the final, seemed to be a lock for the championship… until she ran into a consistent and tough Nails and was overwhelmed.

Now with her first wins over top 20 opponents this year (Lena and A-Rad) Masha is showing that she belongs once again, and will be dangerous against any opponent.

I think slowly she’s figuring out that serve, and the confidence is falling into all other parts of her game. The aggressive play she showed in last night’s third set was pretty freaking crazy, and she’s definitely finding the right moments to pull the trigger. Am pretty damn excited for the final today, not going to lie. Should be a good one.

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