I’ve Fallen And I Can’t Get Up

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5 Aug 2010

Some new gold from Matty C:

“I like and think Jankovic brings a lot to the tour but she has to stop whining about injuries after every loss. Here’s what Hantuchova said, with her eyes rolling, although she wouldn’t specifically comment on JJ: “If you can’t play then don’t play, but don’t complain afterward.” So true.”

And on Twitter: “Kuznetsova when asked JJ & injury excuses: ‘When I played in Miami I injured my shoulder & I saw stars in my eyes. I cannot blame that my shoulder was the reason that I lost. If you are injured you forget it and you go out there and you play. If you complain in press, that’s how people are going to judge. When fans read our press conferences they know who is who”

Love him or hate him (remember he was the one who asked Roddick how he would feel the next morning) the dude knows how to dig up the gold. It’s one thing for us non-pros to sit and debate and issue, but when fellow players are willing to comment, and are blunt about the subject, you know something is up. It’s very similar to the Serena issue; her not giving credit to opponents after a loss, etc. It’s fine to say that you didn’t play your best, but give credit where it’s due. The whole JJ thing is beyond the boy who cried wolf, really. Oh, and from what I’ve heard, Kleybs played out of her mind last night. So there’s that.

More Kuz gold!

She can’t get Momes to coach her, so she’s getting Momes’ former coach! Loic Courteau? That’s gotta be the best tennis name behind Smashnova. “Hit the court, Courteau!” Anyway… I was lucky enough to see Kuz and Momes play dubs together last year in Toronto (getting their asses kicked by the would be champions) and they were just about the cutest, most hilarious thing ever. Maybe in a couple years, Momes will miss it too much, and make a return as Kuz’s coach. That would rule the universe.

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