Guns A Blazin’

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1 Aug 2010

That my friends, is what we call a statement.

Blasting through Morita, Mel, Wicky, Sam and Masha while only dropping one set on the way (to Wicky Bartoli), Vika picks up her fourth title, and first of 2010.

While the first set was a serious tug-of-war and battle for momentum, it was pretty clear that Vika was winning the longer rallies and staying unfazed by Maria’s big hitting or huge winners. I wasn’t quite sure if she was going to be able to close it out, but she did deserve it, and took it 6-4.

Masha pretty well disappeared in the second set, and Vika didn’t drop off for one second. It was over in a flash (though that might have been because I slept through a couple of the games…) 6-1.

Super cute trophy presentation, where Maria said that she was sure they would play “many more times, and I will get my revenge”. Vika, all choked up from her win, thanked Maria and said she was sure they would play many more matches, in which Maria let out a cheeky laugh. Not only super cute, but super classy. I think most people would be down for more clashes between the two, there was some damn good tennis in that first set.

Really fantastic tournaments for both ladies to kick off the 2010 hard court and US Open Series, and I think it’s safe to say that both are big favourites to pick up lots of points pre-USO, and possibly make a run at the big time. Both are in good shape (where did those Vika guns come from?) and fully capable. Show me what ya got.

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