Delpo Wrist Update: Pic Me Up: Evidence’d

Posted by Brodie under: Elf, Pic Me Up

2 Aug 2010

Que lindo volver a pegarle a la pelotita,aunque fue suave,tuve la raqueta en la mano nuevamente..

Which I believe translates to…

“Yo USTA, I’ll fucking tell you when I’m ready. Cheers!”

Double whammy Delpo Wrist Update + Pic Me Up special!

Yup. Delpo tweeted that he was returning to the court the next day, and today he friggin’ tweetpiced it. That’s how it’s done. Oh, and it “actually” roughly translates to “That nice to hit the ball, but was smooth, I had the racket in his hand again..” Deal. Looking good, bud.

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