A Little Love, Please

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23 Aug 2010

It’s been a long time coming.

Last year, Caro’s career exploded. Capped off by the USO final berth, Caro was no longer the little girl winning the tiny tournaments. She had made the big time. And while the fans (and young males…) came in support, so did the haters.

Much as been made about Caro being the top seed going into the USO (she’s still not the number 1 in the world…) but Caro finally has her first “Tier I” championship (or Premier 5, in this case).

It was a weird day of tennis. Caro and Sveta got off to a slow start in the morning, and Caro won the match on the back of consistency. Kuz had real timing troubles, and sitting back in the second set eventually burned her when she made a bunch of silly errors to be broken late in the set.

Vika just baaaarely lost the first set… and then had to retire early in the second due to a blister on her foot. Props to her for realizing that she was going to be screwed if she had to play again later the day. And way to thicken the plot heading into the USO.

The final was equally weird. Bepa couldn’t buy a first serve (no seriously, it was bad) and Caro just did her Caro thing. Bepa couldn’t find the range, the serve, the consistency… you name it. And then it was over, and the haters were left with nothing but a gigantic golden smile to suck on.

Listen, I get the point. Caro plays low risk tennis, doesn’t hit a ton of winners, has a sub par net game, and collects a ton of wins. But doesn’t something need to be said for consistent tennis?

In her last three matches, Flavia, Sveta, and Bepa, Caro pushed balls out wide, played great defense, and yes, hit winners when the oppurtunity was there. Not to mention, she showed some pretty solid power, crushing second serves and at times overwhelming opponents from both wings.

If consistent tennis can’t win in today’s WTA… what can?

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