You Don’t Realize Who You’re Messing With, Do You?

Posted by Brodie under: Serena

5 Jul 2010

Apparently someone thought that they could mess with Serena…

The culprit? Fred Evans, nose tackle for the Minnesota Vikings:

Listen bud, I’m not sure if you’ve watched tennis in the last, oh, 40 or 50 years, but it’s not exactly figure skating (sorry Lexi and Christina). Just because they all have to wear nice white outfits doesn’t mean they’re out there to prance daintily for you. In fact, Serena almost shoved tennis balls down a line judge’s throat. I presume that means she might rip your fuckin’ balls off. You probably wouldn’t even lift a finger at some old, dancing, white man of a football ref.

I await your move, WTA Superfans.

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