The Girl Who Cried Wolf

Posted by Brodie under: Serena

20 Jul 2010

I don’t know about a lot of things that go on in Serena’s head, but here’s what I know about her foot.

Serena wins Wimbledon. Strangely, she manages to injure her foot in the time it takes her to get from London to Belgium to play in a mega bucks exo. Despite the foot, she plays (and loses badly). The injury causes her to miss World Team Tennis. She parties it up anyway, with a bandage on her foot. Everyone rolls their eyes. Her team announces the injury is on the bottom of her foot. Fine. It’s then announced that she’ll not only miss WTT, but the entire hard court season leading up to the US Open, and the injury was sustained by stepping on a piece of glass. The foot will need surgery.

Media, bloggers, and general tennis non-Serena fans roll their eyes. The wolf is back to devour the sheep. And Serena loves non-slam events.

Serena then tweets a pic of her care giving team (with what was thought to be ex-boyfriend Common, for those who care) and post-surgery boot. It’s also announced that she may now miss the US Open.

And so shit got real.

Let’s be honest, Serena could tweet pic of a foot long gash in her arm, and if it only caused her to miss non-slam events, we might not believe her. But Serena doesn’t dick around when it comes to missing slams. Fine, girl. Maybe you are really hurting. But that doesn’t take away the fact that not only did you party and dance on it in high heels, but you played tennis on it in Belgium. Brilliant. Maybe she’s just afraid of all the “ball down throat” comments when returning to the US Open, and would rather not deal with it. Honesty, I have no clue.

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