Party At Serena’s!

Posted by Brodie under: Serena

17 Jul 2010

Serena is officially out of all events leading up to the US Open, and subsequently the Rogers Cup in Montreal (which I will be attending). Yeah, I’m almost heart broken.

Serena withdrew from five events after the AO with a leg injury (which seemed legit) and is now out of another three (Istanbul, Cincy and Montreal). She’s spent her time recovering by throwing a gigantic “pre-ESPYs” party and attend the Burberry Beauty garden tea (I just threw up in my mouth) party in high heels. She also played that event in Belgium which brought on the mega-bucks, yet skipped out of World Team Tennis and the Istanbul event, which held a press conference to say they were confirming her visit and were paying her $150k to do so. Pssh, silly Istanbul.

Yeah, not so surprising.

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