Oh Davis, What A Big Cup You Have – QFs Day 1

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9 Jul 2010

I’m still not sure how I feel about indoor tennis. It feels a bit fake, with a lack of atmosphere. At the same time, it represents an interesting position for the players. Bullshit to a “neutral” surface, I’d say, but the conditions are completely controlled; no wind, rain, or sun. And the ball freaking flies, making it faster than any old hard court tourney. It’s like baseball, it’s fine if it has to be under a roof (ala AO, Wimby) but an always indoor stadium is a bit weird (thank Sven the Twins finally moved).

Oddly enough, tennis was never designed to be played outdoors. It originally started as an indoor game, where the walls were actually in played (now referred to as “real tennis” by historians). It rose to popularity around the 16th century in England and France and Henry VIII was a big fan (though he was also a fan of killing his wives). Now you know.

The point? Three of four Davis Cup ties (the ones that matter…) are be playing indoors this weekend, likely so they don’t get rained out. And? It’s making a difference. (Though I still think playing with in play walls would be fun to try…)

France 2 – 0 Spain

Monfils d. Ferrer 7-6, 6-2, 4-6, 5-7, 6-4
Llodra d. Verdasco 6-7, 6-4, 6-3, 7-6

I guess when you’ve got the guys who have done the dirty work, you call on them again, but I’m still not entirely sure if calling on poor puppy Ferru for this was the right call. Both Monf and Llodra are big hitters and big servers. Pretty deadly combo on an indoor hard court. Though I guess if you pick Feli and he loses, it looks like the dumbest thing ever.

As for the other match, Fergasm has looked either void of confidence, exhausted, or both for some time. Llodra has been the opposite, full of confidence, emotion, and huge serves. He didn’t face a break point for the entirety of the first set and… well, indoor hard courts. Good combo for France.

Spain will call on Feli and Nando for the doubles tomorrow, and then it’s Llodra/Ferru and Monf/Nando on Sunday. Here’s hoping Spain wins the doubles so Sunday will actually mean something and have some emotion.

Russia 1 – 1 Argentina

Oh Nalby. You’re like a Davis Cup superhero. Great stuff from Nalby, able to come in to beat Kolya, at home, on the indoor hard courts. While he admitted it wasn’t an insanely high quality match (since they’re both coming off injuries) that ain’t easy to do. Unfortunately, Leo Mayer got his ass handed to him by Captain Youz. Argies are going to need the doubles match tomorrow, Nalby/Zeballos vs. Kunitsyn/Oompa Loompa. That’s actually quite do-able, Zeballos ain’t a bad dubs player. Nalby will also need to win his match against Youz on Sunday too, obviously.

Croatia 1 – 1 Serbia

Advantage, Serbia. Nole took out Ljubs in straights and Marin took out Troik in straights, pretty predictable results overall. However, Serbia gets the advantage as they have doubles giant Zimo to call on, as well as Tipsy. Croatia has two randoms no one has ever heard of. You’ve gotta believe Nole can beat Marin or Troik can beat Wrinkley Old Knob Head on Sunday to secure the tie.

Chile 0 – 2 Czech Republic
Poor Chileans. With Gonzo out, they’re left to call on Nicolas Massu and… well, you know you’re in trouble. He’s getting old. Him and Capdeville only managed to take 8 games between the two of them over 6 sets. Yikes.

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