How ‘Bout No, Jon?

Posted by Brodie under: Serena

6 Jul 2010

Serena Williams once again finds herself on the cover of Sports Illustrated (she’s kind of excited) with the controversial (from typically low key writer) title “Love Her, Hate Her, She’s the Best Ever” from Jon Wertheim. Listen, I’m not the biggest Roger Federer fan, but I’m fine with giving him the GOAT title; the stats don’t lie. But really, reporters? Now we have to move on to the women?

A lot has been said for Serena’s case because of her injuries. “And if she wasn’t hurt, she would have won more!” Here’s how the stats stack up.

Graf stands atop the Open Era list with 22, Serena has 13. Graf’s record in slams is 282–34 (89%), Serena’s is 199–30 (87). Graf’s years of winning slams spanned over 13 years, Serena has spanned over 12. Steffi has 107 total WTA titles, Serena has 40. Check the overall records: 900–115 to 474–101. Steffi has only 14 more losses and nearly twice the amount of wins. Graf was also number 1 for 344 weeks, longer than any female or male. “She’s the Best Ever”? No disrespect to Serena, but can we stop having this ridiculously stupid argument now?

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