10 Things We Learned From… Wimbledon

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4 Jul 2010

1. We All Grow Old: At 30 and 29, are Venus and Fed finally wearing thin? Venus seems all to prone to have a wildly inconsistent, strange day, and Fed is showing that he can be blown off the court by big hitters on any surface. They won’t be losing in the first round, or dropping out of the top 10 any time soon, but could this be the end of dominance for the reigning king and queen of grass?

2. How About “Semifinal Sillybump”? You might as well starting it a curse. Tim Henman made the semis four times at Wimbledon, but could never crack the final. Whoever beat him in the semis won the final every time. While that is only true for this years Wimbley for Muzz, he’s made the semis two years running and just can’t seem to make that last step that would surely put the whole country into a mad frenzy. Poor guy.

3. The Bigger The Better: The world’s biggest tennis tournament proved to be the most unlikely place for two underachieving headcases to reach their first ever slam finals. Who knew?

4. The Weather Is Brokeded: After all that fuss to install a roof, and the only thing it was used for was letting a first day Nole match go forever and shading the royal box. Is this the first Wimbledon where there hasn’t been any sort of serious weather delay? Unreal.

5. Anything Is Possible From Here: I’m not sure if everyone agrees, but things feel a bit weird going into the rest of the season, no? The women are still full of question marks, with Justine being injured, and skilled players coming and going. The men have a weary Fed, and a Rafa who is likely to play one, maybe two tournaments before the USO. Thunderbird and Sod also loom, and there’s about a zillion points to be picked up in August with no Delpo (sob). Not to mention all these weird clay events. Could be some really great matches over the next month or so, there’s lots to be had.

6. My Predictions Don’t Always Suck: OK, so maybe I had some weird picks (I’m looking at you Marin). But I did well to say that Tree’s serve would be ridiculous on grass (heyo!), Jo’s game would one day work out on grass, and bumping Nails up to number 6 and Berd to number 9. See? I’m not totally dumb.

7. WTA? Are You There? It’s Me, Serena: When she’s on her game and serving well, there’s no one on non-clay surfaces to stop her. So far, in slams, Kim has been the only one in the past year and a half, and her game is still needing some rounding off going into the hard court season. Serena remains the overwhelming favourite for USO.

8. Expect the Unexpected: Think back to April. Rafa had dropped dead at the USO (again), and had busted up the knees during his AO defence. He couldn’t even play Wimbledon in 2009, and hadn’t won a title in 11 months. While the ridiculous 3 Masters wins and Roland Garros were a slap in the face to those who doubted him, the win on grass just adds the exclamation. Unless he’s so hurt he can’t play, never count Rafa out.

9. WAG? Hair and Aviators Please:

Cheers to Lucie, who also rocked them (though I can’t find a pic) and @katyyyyyy for the idea.

10. Wimbledon Crowds > All: Rafa gave them mad props for still supporting and respecting him despite taking on homeboy Muzz. This might have been the first time I’ve watched tennis for two weeks without going “oh shut up asshole!” or “ahem, THEY’RE READY” or any other offside, crude remark that the people in the stands obviously can’t hear from Canada. Well done England, well done.

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