Shrouded In Fog

Posted by Brodie under: Fergasm, SW19

23 Jun 2010

“There is something seriously bad with him right now”

Yeah, his beard.


The rumour mill is on the run, and apparently Feli was overheard saying this to an ATP official. What’s the problem? Can’t decide on which of six women to go with? Or that no matter how unattractive you try to make yourself, you still get more girls than the rest of the ATP combined?

OK, I kid. I ripped on Fer for the whole “Caro cheek grab” (well that sounds weird…) incident. And let’s be honest, none of us really knew what was going on in that conversation (or possibly don’t want to know). Regardless, there’s gotta be something seriously wrong to lost to Foghat on grass in the first round.

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