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6 Jun 2010

Q. I think we could tell by your emotions afterwards that it was a really, really special day for you. How special was it?
RAFAEL NADAL: Yeah. Very important victory for me. I think one of the most important victories in my career, I think.
Yeah, I told you 100 times, but was a difficult year for me the last year. So after this tournament last year was a difficult year, and I worked a lot to be here. I was very nervous during all the tournament, because I know before that that I was ready to try to win another time, and I saw the chances there.

Q. You got Roland Garros title again and return to No. 1 ranking. So right now, which is more important for you right now?
RAFAEL NADAL: For me, I told you too, no, yesterday and a lot of times, I think that for me it’s Roland Garros. This is the most important thing for me, no? (Pointing to trophy.)
After the No. 1 is there, yes. But I was No. 1, and believe me, I am very happy. When I was crying after the match, the last thing I was thinking was on the No. 1.

Q. No party?
RAFAEL NADAL: I gonna have time, eh? At the summer at home after Wimbledon, Mallorca is unbelievable celebration to do. (Laughter.)

Q. What kind of objectives do you have for Wimbledon?
RAFAEL NADAL: I think I’ll be top seed in Wimbledon, because that’s a tournament I am very comfortable with. But please let me enjoy this day before I start talking about Wimbledon. Please give me that time to savor the moment, because it’s really a special moment for me.
Tomorrow when I start practicing in Queen’s, then we can start talking about Wimbledon. But first, let me appreciate the day. I was very fortunate my friend Marc accepted to play the doubles with me. So I’ll prepare to get ready for the tournament in Queens.

Q. Well, the crowd cheering for you.
FRANCESCA SCHIAVONE: Ah, si, si, si, si. They’re all my family or the person that work with me, and/or my friends from when I was two, three years old.
So I’m so, so happy. When I saw them now, I say, What are you doing here? Oh, we took a car. We came 10 hours. I said, You’re crazy. You didn’t pay us the flight, so we had to take the car. Yes, was fantastic.
And to go to the net, yes, was my tactic to keep going, to press her on the backhand, and when I had the chance to go on the forehand, because she’s very strong. My goal was to do that one and to be aggressive and to go inside.

Q. The second question: Somebody has given you your cellphone and you were on the cellphone. Can you tell us who was calling?
FRANCESCA SCHIAVONE: Presidente de la Repubblica. (Through translation.) Come se dice? Si.

Q. What did he say to you?
FRANCESCA SCHIAVONE: Ah, Congratulations. Enjoy this moment. It was an honor for Italy.

Q. I know you feel no matter where you play you are going to win the match, but was there something inside you when you came to Paris that told you you were going to do this?
FRANCESCA SCHIAVONE: The true, in the true, maybe not. But inside, yes. I really always dreamed this tournament. It’s strange to say it, but when I call my daddy, he say to me, I remember you that you always dream this one. Every morning that you wake up, you work to do something like this.
So maybe it was far away in the reality, but here never far away.

Q. You said yesterday that the most intelligent will win the final, so you are. (Laughter.)
FRANCESCA SCHIAVONE: Yes, I am. (Laughter.)

Q. So Danny boy, chalking ’em them up like they’re going out of style, Baby.
DANIEL NESTOR: I wouldn’t go that far. We’ve averaged one Slam a year so far since we started playing together. That’s pretty good for sure. We can’t complain about that.
I think it’s nice we won here. We’ve knocked on the door a couple times, semis and final last year. It was a pretty bitter loss to these guys that we beat today. It was nice to avenge that.
You know, it’s funny. For me, I’ve had my best results I think at this Slam. I’ve played my most finals here. It’s a little bit strange being from Canada, but I’ll take it.

Q. How would you summarize the last two clay seasons, especially this one? What does it mean now heading on to the other surface?
DANIEL NESTOR: Unbelievable. Last year, you know, we won everything except this, and this year, you know, we won the big one, which is even better.
Obviously Wimbledon has been great to us. You know, I think that’s still our best surface. I think, you know, it would be nice to try and win three in a row there.

Q. I think on court you mentioned I think that was Nenad that you had some tough times and tough conversations between the two of you. Did you have any during this tournament?
DANIEL NESTOR: We always speak our minds. That’s one good thing about a relationship, is to be honest with each other and communicate. You don’t want to go into any situation where you have something, you know, hanging in your head and you don’t let it out.
Then, you know, you’re thinking about it at the wrong time. It’s better to get it off your chest. If we have a disagreement, we let it out. You know, we do that probably three, four times a week, so… (Laughter.)
It works for us, and, you know, there’s no hard feelings after we yell at each other and we move forward. That’s part of life.

Q. So do you have more of those with each other than you have with your wives?
DANIEL NESTOR: Definitely. Our wives don’t put up with that stuff. (laughter.)

Q. You guys are obviously gonna walk out of here also 1, 2 in the world singles, and 1 in the world doubles. Obviously sort of on top right now. Congratulations. Is it more fun to play doubles than singles? Obviously you guys want to win, but is it just much more enjoyable when you play together?
VENUS WILLIAMS: Well, I mean, you have to be really focused to play the doubles. I mean, when we’re playing these matches, sometimes you can end up playing 13 matches.
So playing the doubles for us is not just like fun or let’s play for fun. We’re playing for the title, because it does take that extra focus and determination.

SERENA WILLIAMS: I remember my dad told Venus you remember this? (Laughing.) He told Venus to cross you remember now?
SERENA WILLIAMS: (Laughing.) He told Venus to that she had to cross more, and so I think she got upset and she crossed when the person was serving. (Laughter.)
She ended up volleying the serve. Oh, it was so funny.
I remember my dad, he’s so positive. He’s like, Oh, no, no, Venus, not that. Just wait until after the serve.
I promise you every tournament I think about that when we’re in doubles. I’m thinking, Okay, I got to get aggressive. I just always think about that.
VENUS WILLIAMS: I remember that.
SERENA WILLIAMS: You remember?
VENUS WILLIAMS: Isha was serving. Our older sister was serving.
SERENA WILLIAMS: Oh, my gosh. That was so funny.
SERENA WILLIAMS: And I also remember my dad told me I had to play the forehand because I was young and I was smaller, and then he put Venus on the backhand. It’s been like that ever since. That was 20 years ago?
VENUS WILLIAMS: More than 20.

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