Let’s Get Mo To Sunday!

Posted by Brodie under: Mo, SW19

30 Jun 2010

Mo is one of the most loved umpires on the ATP. His great smile, charm, sense of humour, combined with his fearlessness to make overrules and command of the action on court.

Perhaps it was most fitting that he got to sit over the Isner-Mahut epic, in which he sat for 7 straight hours on the second day without a lunch, dinner, or bathroom break. Not to mention there were no challenges, so he had to be engaged on every single point. To even up the epicness, ESPN is now calling him “Number 1”, seeing him as one of the best, if not the best chair on the men’s side.

So how do we reward such epicness? Let’s help get him umpiring the men’s Wimbledon final on Sunday! You can go here to retweet my original tweet, which has … now been retweeted by both Jon Wertheim and Matt Cronin… and the @Wimbledon account itself!. Or if you want, retweet this entire post’s tweet. Let’s do this!

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