“It’s Ridiculous”

Posted by Brodie under: Muzz, Queen's

10 Jun 2010

Quite the drama-fest to end a dramatic day in Queen’s. Here’s the quick sum up.

Fast forward to the third set. Fish breaks at 0-1, and then holds to take a 3 games to love lead. Muzz holds. The Muzz makes some in roads to 0-30 on Fish’s serve. The deuce. Fish then misses a ridiculously easy overhead, loses the next point, and is broken. On serve, 2-3. Changeover.

Muzz looks pretty pumped up after the break. Fish is pissed, however, and is likely taking his frustrations out on the time of day. Hands on hips, he’s bitching to the ump. It appears to be about darkness. Ump gets on his walkie-talkie, says something into it, waits, and then makes a face and shrugs. Fish is still angry, bumps into the camera on his way to his side of the court. Play continues on.

And then shit gets real. Muzz holds easily. Mardy immediately walks over to the chair, and has a quick word. “Ladies and gentleman, due to darkness, play is suspended.” Andy stands, staring, dumbfounded, for a good 30 seconds, as if some sort of small animal had run on court and he was waiting for it to get off so play could resume.

He then marched over to the chair, and had some words. The first few I missed, because the mic was off, but then they turned it on. And here’s what he had to say: (These aren’t his exact words, but pretty damn close)

“At least let me know that we have 15 minutes or something. You didn’t even talk to me. Just because Mardy wants to stop, means we stop?”

“I was at a tournament last week where they played until 9:20. It’s like 8:15. It’s ridiculous”

“15 minutes ago he was was up a break 3-1 and was more than happy to play. The only reason he doesn’t want to play any more is because it’s 3-all. (Walks over and shoves racquet into bag) Horrible.”

Afterwards, he tipped the crowd, who were booing the entire time (which quickly turned to cheers). Listen. Andy takes a lot of crap for his on court personality. He gets angry at himself, whines a bit, maybe acts like a brat sometimes. But the dude had 100% reason for this. When Fish first approached the ump, I thought they might call the match. I nearly tweeted “shouldn’t they talk to Muzz, first?” The ump literally did not say a single thing to Andy, and he’s dead on. The only reason that slimey Fish wanted to stop was because he blew the overhead, and was pissed that things were tied up. So much for home field advantage, Muzz.

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