I Forgive You

Posted by Brodie under: Hanescu, SW19

28 Jun 2010

In cased you missed this wackiness from the other day…

Victor has since apologized.

“I would like to apologise to the fans, the AELTC and everyone else for my behaviour last [Friday] night at the end of my match against Daniel Brands.
“There were people in the crowd that had been insulting me since the beginning of the match. I was winning, had four match points in the third set but unfortunately I could not close it out.
“Then I got a leg injury at the end of the fourth set. I lost my control briefly in the fifth set after another insult from someone in the crowd. I should have never done that but I am human and I made a mistake.”

I’m not gonna lie. I’m a pretty competitive dude. Always have been, even as a wee one. If someone had be insulting me the entire match, I’d be pissed. If I blew match points in the third and then hurt myself, I’d probably be Marating many a racquet. And if that dude kept on insulting me? Yeah, I might do something stupid too. The “peace, I’m outta here” is a bit much (though totally hilarious).

While I do hate on bad sportsmanship, Victor has never really done anything ridiculous on court to warrant haters. Hell, he’s typically pretty emotionally bland. So I forgive you, at least. And hell, it’s kinda funny to watch.

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