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5 Jun 2010

There’s something special about winning their first ever slam. Unless it’s Satan himself, it’s damn near impossible to not be totally pumped for them for achieving what was likely a childhood dream. However, there’s something seriously special about a 29 year old pulling it off.

It may not be old in other sports, but 29 is near ancient in tennis (she turns 30 this month). Experience is possibly one of the most underrated things in tennis, however. So many people (myself included) thought that the only way Franny would win would be a total mental breakdown from Sam. Sure, Superhero’s forehand wasn’t magic, but Franny beat her. Straight up. And to see her bouncing around like a little kid in that second set tiebreak was just fantastic.

And can we just tip our hats to the quality of that match? It wasn’t three sets, no, but it was one of the best women’s slam finals in a long, long time. Most people are calling it the best women’s RG final in a decade. It would have been easy for people to tear down this final as some sort of “crisis” in the women’s game. No Justine, no Sisters, and no one willing to step up to the plate. Sam and Franny took down those ideas at the door. It was high quality and super entertaining.

Lastly, something has to be said about what this means for Italian tennis. Every player seems to have a hero growing up. This was the first Italian woman to make the semis of a slam in the Open era, forget actually winning it. Italy, you have yourself a new national hero.

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