Day 2 Presser Gems

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22 Jun 2010

Q. In your own mind, was this the start of the defense of your title, the title you couldn’t defend last year?
RAFAEL NADAL: I don’t have to defend nothing, no one point. All the points are in positive for me in this tournament. I go day to day. For me was a very good victory today. Was difficult opponent, I think. And, sure, next round it will be very difficult against very dangerous serve like Robir Haase.
I don’t feel like a defense of the title. Roger has to defend that. I have the chance to defend 2008. I didn’t play for the knee. So that’s the sport. Right now I gonna try my best.

Q. Physically, how are you at this point?
JAMES BLAKE: The knee is not great. If it doesn’t get better soon, I’m not sure how much longer I want to play in pain.
I’m doing my best. We’re doing everything we can. It’s just getting pretty frustrating. We’re trying everything, so hopefully soon we’ll find the solution and make it so it’s better.

Q. Is that as good as you’ve felt since Melbourne?
ANDY MURRAY: I don’t know. I felt I was definitely in the right frame of mind for the match. You know, I felt when I went behind, I mean, it’s not the best start, but I felt calm, you know. Just, you know, found a way to get myself back into the match.
So I wouldn’t say it’s the best that I’ve felt since Melbourne, but it’s a good start.

Q. Maria?
Q. Why aren’t you in the Florida sun right now?
MARIA SHARAPOVA: Because of you.
Q. A couple things coaches can’t teach. You refuse to lose and you don’t complain.
Q. I also would like to compliment your coach about the great job he does with you.
Q. It’s just fantastic. The tour needs you. I’m delighted for how you’re playing again.
MARIA SHARAPOVA: Thanks, Nick. Can I put you in this bag and carry you to every press conference?

Q. What are your thoughts about Thursday with the Queen’s visit and how are your curtsy practices going?
SERENA WILLIAMS: I was going to curtsy today on the court afterwards, but I think I flubbed it. So I’m definitely going to work on it a little more. I’m trying to tone down my wrist action (laughter).
But my curtsy is really fun. It’s something that she’ll definitely never forget, if I ever even get a chance to meet her.
No, we really don’t do that so much in the United States, so I’m really working hard on it.

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