Broken Record

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29 Jun 2010

How many times do I have to say it?

Remember that post about the Dick match? “Love or hate grass tennis, if you can serve well and give yourself a chance to win, anything can happen.” Exactly, me.

OK, remember that Masha post? Deja frickin’ vu. Nails came out playing some amazing tennis. Deep balls, low balls. Centre of the court balls to set herself up for an aggressive stance. She came back from 40-0, 4-all on Serena’s serves to win a couple big, long points. Serena then promptly fired an ace to take the game. All Nails could do was laugh.

But she refused to hold up. 40-0 on her serve. We have a friggin’ match. Then what? A wild forehand error. I exactly remember thinking “sometimes one crazy error can swing things. Hope she stays confident”. Another wild error. Two double faults. Boom, break point. Another error. 6-5 Serena to serve. Match over.

Sure, technically it wasn’t, but it was the same crap as last time. Nails came out serving well, making some in roads on the Serena serve (just like Masha) and then essentially blew up on key points in a totally unnecessary way. She basically gifted the first break of the second set with some forehands into the net, to boot. Silliness.

I know it’s sport, and “anything is possible”, but Serena pretty well has a cake walk to the big plate. Her serve has been insane, her return game has been crap. But that’s fine, because apparently everyone will just implode for you at some point anyway.

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