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28 Jun 2010

Andy Murray is the only man remaining to have not lost a set, AND the only man remaining to have not played a 5-setter. Well bloody hell. He looked pretty comfortable in the first set, then a bit awkward… and then won on fitness and defense. He’s got things to work on, but regardless, is still looking pretty good.

What did I say we learned from week one? That Fedal have been off, the Andys have not. So Dick goes ahead and loses, and Fed and Rafa absolutely cruise against clearly lesser opponents. Fine. The fun? They’ve both got their hands full against familiar and annoying opponents. Berd and Sod. After the match, the guy interviewing Rafa told him “good luck” on his Sod match. He replied “thanks, I’ll need it”. I guess I don’t really need to say much more.

Guess who is still winning? Nails! She’s tapped T-Haas’ old coach and fitness trainer of late, and apparently it’s working. Unfortunately for her, she gets Serena next, but don’t count her out just yet. Maria was close… and Nails took her out in Birmingham and was damn impressive. In fact, she’s probably the fourth in line to beat Serena on grass, behind Venus, Kim, and Masha.

Oh, and Kaia, Pironkova, Kvitova, and… Bepa? You’re good, aren’t you? Anyway, they’re in the quarters. There’s always gotta be one quarter where some randoms come out. I actually kinda like it.

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