4. Andy Murray

Posted by Brodie under: Muzz, SW19

20 Jun 2010

Weapons: Home field advantage, mom is courtside, seems incredibly comfortable.
Weaknesses: Media pressure, has to play aggressively.

Stick this in your Wimbley pipe and smoke it. Each time Muzz has played Wimbledon, he’s made it one round further, starting with a run to the third round in 2005. Could this finally be the year? For all the talk about the pressure put on Andy by the press, he seemed incredibly comfortable last year, once he was able to settle into his matches. Not to mention the tennis press will be busy with other story lines (Fedal, Dick) as well as the British press being busy with the World Cup. That sure can’t hurt. If there’s to be any tournament where Muzz will come out full steam, it’s to be this one.

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